Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bush welcomes Vietcong terrorist to White House

Well, well well...Mr. Kiet, Hanoi's Prime Minister has come to kiss-up to GW Bush. For some of us that means BBBBAAAAARRRRFFFF.....[vomit, vomit, vomit] because while our Mr. President was hiding out from the Texas National Guard snorting cocaine, blowing pot and boozing it up-- the neurological and cognitive consequences are there for all to see-- and making a "Republican career, GOD FORBID, for himself being useless to the campaign of someone beholding to his "Poppy," the rest of us remember our days in Vietnam. For GW, of course, there are no such memories, for he never ever heard a gun go off aimed at his head. Those days are not just memories for us, they are also for the people of both North and South Vietnam; those days are our common past, but also their present and future. The "bloodbath" has turned into a trickle since 1976 when the "blood debt" was paid by some 500,000 South Vietnamese who were our allies but we never got out. Now the victims are Communists and non-Communists alike who think that a Mafia regime is not what the Vietnamese people deserve.

Ahhhh, but don't tell that to Georgie boy. After all, not only is war and all its horrors unknown to him, there's nothing wrong in his mind with a terrorist mafia regime so long as it is on his side. All his crap about "D-E-M-O-C-R-A-C-Y" is Bushit "democrapy," because he also wants our nation run by the Mafia of robber barons that funded his election.

Well, now there is no doubt about the BUSHIT DEMOCRAPY Bush had in mind in his Inaugural speech. It's just that he mangles his own words-- as you all know-- and instead of "democrapy" he misstated it as "democracy." The media got fooled by his error.

But now there's no doubt that all the cruds in the world can count on our support if the accept to fight-for dollars in Iraq so that the sons and daughters of Bushits don't get drafted these are our "democrapic" allies in the war on turd terrorism, what with Bush seeing into the little Stalin Putin's soul, his warm kiss looking down the throat of his new friend, one time Vietcong terrorist's, perhaps also seeing his "good" (sic) soul; similarly, General Meyers, Capo de capos-- Chief of the Joint Chiefs-- yesterday told the killer boss of Uzbekistan that we, the American people (he sure didn't speak for me) support him and agree with him that all the hundreds of peaceful demonstrators he shot down in cold blood are nothing but filthy terrorists, as he says; what else could they be? After all, they were all Islamics, doesn't that prove it?

There you go folks. You got poor Condi Rice-- an honest woman-- telling the masters of Egypt that they better get "democrapic" or else, and Meyers telling the Uzbek killer: keep up the good work. Doesn't matter how hypocritical that makes us look. After all, it's only politics!

But we in New Jersey who were in Vietnam cannot treat all this as "just politics" because that makes us and what we did there nothing but bulls--t. Well, it was not that. It was the REAL fight for democracy. And we will remind the American people the difference between the freedom and democracy we fought for as opposed to the Bushit Democrapy Georgie boy is peddling to the Chief Vietcong now graduating from taking over the US Embassy in Saigon for a day to the White House for a day.

Already DoD is talking about getting Mafia Vietnam to send troops to Iraq. Bush can't sell his soul for that-- he lost it long ago-- so he's going to sell ours-- the very souls we brought back from Vietnam.

Well, 9/11 got Americans to crap in their pants and so they put Bush back in because he promised NO DRAFT. In November 2004, with their kids safe with no draft to send them to Iraq, what did anybody care who was elected. But now Americans found their conscience and are asking: WHO IS THAT MORON? WHAT THE HELL IS HE SAYING?

Yes sir, folks-- 70% of Americans find our Iraq casualty rate unacceptable. So, though they found all the BUSHIT of the campaign acceptable, since he was not going to re-establish the draft, now that they find the casualty rates unacceptable, they are suddenly asking themselves: Who is that asshole on TV? How the hell did he ever get to the White House? Who are all these scumbags he is meeting with?

Alas, it's a bit late. He's in for another 3 1/2 years unless Congress impeaches him. But the Republican Congress can't bring itself to do that, even though, with the election coming, they are more and more disregarding him. Therefore, it's up to us to recapture the House and Senate with DEMOCRATS who are not drinking the Cool-ade and are not addicted to Bushit. Like an interplanetary spaceship, getting a boost for its trip from a slingshot effect, we are, in New Jersey, going to get momentum through a slingshot effect by electing Jon Corzine as Governor this fall.

Karl Rove made Bush President and now has to come up with another miracle in 2006, keeping a Republican majority in both Houses of Congress. There is a right-wing of the Democratic Party (the same wing that thought it better to lose in 2004 in order to get its candidate all set for 2008) is seeking to make the Democratic Party a Karl Rove look-alike. Already, the same NEOCONSERVATIVES that brought us this war on terror-- screwed it up so bad during their control of DoD that it is beginning to look like 9/11-bis in terms of catastrophe-- are negotiating with the Rove-look-alike-wing of the Democratic Party to be let into it in exchange for their big $$$$ contributions if they are promised to control US foreign policy. Remember, after being Communists, they became Democrats and only later did they discover the joy of being robber barons as "Conservative" Republicans (sic-- I'm a Conservative and I assure you none of them are the real thing).

So let's hand Karl Rove his first defeat-- a Corzine win and a wippin' to his boy Forrester. From there on in it's on to the stars and a Democrat Congress again. That way the Bushit can be kept in check. Rove is a little turd who threatens to kill anyone who gets in his way. "You're dead meat," is his favorite response. Well, we all heard machineguns and bombs go off so what's a little fart. Let's teach that turd a lesson....let's show that you can't pull another political miracle with another political moron. Let's work to lay to waste all the $$$$ the Republican National Committee and the robber barons are investing in New Jersey as proof that they've still got the American people by the throat....Let's liberate America beginning our war of national liberation in New Jersey!


At 9:19 AM, Blogger NJVetCaucus said...

Those who say they aren't interested in politics must be reminded that politics is interested in them.
If watching Desperate Houswives or "reality shows" on TV is more important than holding accountable those who determine how we live our lives, maybe they're to comfortable. With pain comes awareness.
Douglass Forrester is a robber baron right out of the Guilded Age. Simply put, he's a cheap labor conservative.
Corporate profits are at record highs while real wages have stagnated or declined. He endorses a lower living standard for working people so as to hold sway over those who need employment. His philosophy is Byzantine corporate feudalism, wherein poverty and slavery of the working class ensures the robber barons live in splendor while everyone else lives in squalor.
The last candidate for governor who promised a 30% tax cut left us in a deep hole. Douglass Forrester must believe that when in a hole, keep digging. The waste and corruption about which he rails is the living wage.
Sorry Doug, but I quote your hero: "Fool me once shame on you. Fool me---won't get fooled again." For those who prefer chicanery and tax cut mythology coupled with borrow and embezzle, Douglass Forrester is your guy. Everyone else should support Jon Corzine.

At 5:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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