Tuesday, June 14, 2005


GW Bush wanted to be President. But he couldn't get deep pockets to invest in an unknown. But the neocons saw their chance. They bet in an unknown and bought his presidency. They got in return their WAR IN IRAQ after 9/11. However, they almost lost Bush his re-election, so they were all kicked out of government. Meanwhile, the war in Iraq goes on. Why?

First of all, as the DOWNING STREET MEMO shows, Bush was going to go to war from day one. The only issue was when? How could he refuse, it was "a perfect storm." Both the neocons, who bought themselves a president, and the Saudis, who had long ago bought themselves the Bushes, wanted Saddam Hussein kicked out with US blood and treasure. When two such bitter enemies on whom you so much depend want it, how could he refuse!

But now that Bush kicked out the neocons he is, as he said at a $5000 a plate dinner for his re-election campaign, devoting the second term, "until you hear me quack like a duck,"-- ie. Becomes a "lame duck president"-- paying back all the robber barons whose deep pockets gave to his re-election, at taxpayers' expense. That means the murdering of the middle class with out-sourcing and China controlling the dollar.

This Bush can do because he has a monopoly in the Federal Govt. It is not a Republican White House and a Republican Congress. As a Republican I warn you, it is only a BUSHIT White House and Congress! If left to have its way, it will be as much of a return to the robber baron days of the late 19th-early 20th Centuries, when murder and mayhem by the HAVES predating on the HAVE NOTS was the daily fare. That is NOR compassionate, that is NOT Conservative and that is NOT Republican!

Really, most Americans, Republicans and Democrats, are distinguishable from the BUSHIT ROBBER BARONS by one thing. The Bushit types think that freedom is a "gift from God" allowing them to be predators on their neighbors. But everyone else believes that freedom is a "responsibility," for the more freedoms I give myself, the less freedom has my neighbors. That's simply good physics, and, as the old commercial says, "never try to fool Mother Nature." Instead, we should all be responsible good neighbors, exercising our freedoms in a way that does not abrogate that of what God told us is our "brothers and sisters." That is the real principle of Christianity that is classical LIBERALISM, so let us not hide from the "L" word, the commandment of God!

I am a Republican but I am forced to come to you and plead with you to help Jon Corzine get elected as New Jersey's next Governor. I consider it the first step in taking back America from the Bushit and the robber barons. You see, a lot of Republicans are beginning to see that Bush has no policies, that he is all BUSHIT. And, thinking of their survival in elections next year they are rebelling against this no policy government. But Karl Rove wants to provide Bush with another Congressional domination by the robber barons. Towards that end New Jersey is critical because, if Corzine and Lautenberg retire before their terms are finished, whoever is elected governor this year gets to pick two senators. Thus, if Forrester is elected, he gets to pick two RED senators for a BLUE state!! That is why the White House is sinking $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ into the Forrester Campaign. You see, Forrester is only a stand-in for the robber barons that want to control America. It is hard for me as a Republican-- a conservative Republican at that-- to urge you to elect Corzine. But the very America you all abrogated your freedoms as soldiers, risking your lives to defend, is at stake. Anyone who watched the Republican primary candidates for governor debate knows full well what "MY" party offers. When they didn't moonwalk and fudge figures making wild promises, they insulted each other. Someday, I hope, my party will field real and good candidates that I can support, who also see freedom as a God-given responsibility, not a predatory right, like Jon Corzine. Then I will be on the opposite side of a responsible campaign-- NOT BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL, as now-- but to elect the better of two men or women. Now it is a no-brainer...CORZINE IS THE ONLY REAL CHOICE, the New Jersey citizen's choice. Forrester is a fill in for BUSHIT, for the robber barons.

And so, dear band of brothers, I plead with you to get into yet another battle to take back America from the robber barons by exposing the BUSHIT that has invaded our state by helping to elect Jon Corzine as our next NJ Governor. Beginning with this campaign, America will again become the land of Republicans and Democrats (or vice-versa, if you like), not the land of the robber barons and the BUSHIT that has pleagued us for so long. I worked hard to get Bush elected in 2000. Now I will work just as hard to reverse my catastrophic mistake. Can we work together to give our kids an America of the people and by the people?

Daniel E. Teodoru


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