Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Nicholson, chops Vets for Bush

w Sec. of VA Nicholson before the Congressional
Committee on Appropriations.

He has a budget shortfall of $1.5 BILLION for 2005 and
a 6% underestimation for 2006. Only 13% of that budget
shortfall is for the added stress of Iraq related
vets. The rest is clearly because of Vets that lost
employment or retirement health benefits and are
forced to resort to VA-- not the best of medical care,
as some Congressmen pointed out.

The Congressmen-- Republicans as well as Democrats--
in the word of one Congressman, A REPUBLICAN, deemed
his not coming to Congress for a supplemental,
"bordering on stupidity."

This administration wants an open-ended Iraq
commitment on the basis that we're stuck there and at
the same time tried to cut VA benefits. Stay tuned,
it's going to get worse!


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