Saturday, June 11, 2005


New Jersey Veterans Caucus

This caucus is for you, the Veterans from New Jersey eager to talk to each other and to all at the same time about what to do in order to save America from BUSHIT!

OUR FIRST TASK is to elect Jon Corzine as Governor of New Jersey. Towards that end we are working with the Corzine Campaign.

This page is just going up as a skeleton in time for the Vet Caucus in Atlantic City in two weeks. Please feel free to communicate on this site any ideas you have in mind. That way, should you miss any meetings, you can still make your influence fully felt. Everything depends on you. We are a UNIT and cannot achieve victory in our endeavors unless each of us does his part. However, we are a bit loose in our command structure. Unlike an army, we are truly democratic. Here are the two ranks:

(1) OFFICER: someone who initiates a BLOG comment on this site.
(2) GRUNT: anyone who responds to that comment in a thread.

The rules are simple: no personal insults, no foullanguage, no hatefulness, reasonable English.

Please refer to this site to see what's new. Andplease make your reactions and views known, either asOFFICER or GRUNT by initiating or responding tocomments.


At 7:48 PM, Blogger NJVetCaucus said...

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At 4:22 PM, Blogger NJVetCaucus said...

How do I post a comment?

At 4:31 PM, Blogger NJVetCaucus said...

Just click on "Post a comment". Write comments in the box below "Leave your comment", then, click on "Publish".

At 6:57 PM, Blogger NJVetCaucus said...

If you would like us to know where the comment comes from, check "other" to leave your name; otherwise, check "Anonymous"! Either way is appreciated!!

At 5:33 PM, Blogger Wizard said...

As Veterans, it is incumbent on us to ensure the Constitution we defended with our lives does not fall prey to a theocratic oligarchy bent on world domination.
A high ranking official at the DVA (Bush appointee) recently equated veterans benefits to a threat on national security. A greater threat to national security would be to recind veterans benefits.
The neocon junta must be stopped by any means necessary; they are the real threat to, not only national security, but to domestic tranquility, general welfare, and liberty.
Speaking of liberty: The word comes from the same root as liberal. Thus, another reason to defeat the junta. They have corrupted the language to the point where words have new or no meanings. Without a common understanding of the language, domestic tranquility is a non factor. Anyone can say anything and not be held accountable.
We now have a President from Texas who took office under unusual circumstances and started a war predicated on lies. The same thing happened in the 60s, and we've been paying for it ever since. We do not need the burden of another failed military adventure with the purpose of lining the pockets of the wealthy and well connected at the expense of everyone else. Those who now control the reins of power also say anything without accountability, and we are all the victims. They change the rules as they wish, and in the process compromise we the people. The road to empire is paved with failed republics. The Republican party has transformed from a politcal party to a cult and is becoming a mob. The Machiavellian propagandists control everything. What's next, listening devices in everyone's toilet?
There are two kinds of freedom: freedom from and freedom to. One is not gotten without giving up some of the other. It's the Yin and Yang, Newton's Laws of Motion, Einstein's special theory, and the balance of the universe the neocons hope to disrupt. They must be stopped. Douglass Forrester is a player in that disruption. In the chaos of disruption Forrester and his fellow liars loot the national treasure. We really have no choice other than Jon Corzine for Governor.

At 7:43 PM, Blogger NJVetCaucus said...


Where are the rest of you? Let's hear from you all....The war is on!

There are two ways to go:

The Old Line "Rove-look-alik" Dems and the Howard Dean "good but strong medicine" Dems.

The "Rove look-alikes want to "go right" and immitate Bush word for word. Then they will say: NOW THAT OUR WONDERFUL PRESIDENT MUST GO OFF TO TEXAS IN THE SUNSET< HOW ABOUT VOTING FOR US? Afterall, they will insist, we can prove our bonafides: WE ARE JOINED IN OUR QUEST BY ALL THE NEOCONS (first generation) THAT BUSH KICKED OUT OF GOVERNMENT IN HIS SECOND TERM.

See, they are whores, we are whores-- just like the whores who work for Bush...But we insist that we are BETTER Whores; so please give us a chance. If you do, we promise to have a public burning at the stake of With Howard Dean that cast a spell on us so we would let him have anything to do with our party.

But we who fought for freedom and for the little guy-- you, know, the little guy is the American who always answers the call and puts his life on the line for country while the Bushit-types join the reserves and soak up power and cash-- as last you can remeber?


He stood up for you, the "jerks" in Bush's eyes who will follw HIS GUT to nowhere.

Now Corzine is a pretty middle of the road. So lets show that an honest and responsible man can also win without becoming a Bushit clone like Forrester who treated in the primaries for the Republicans "homeowner taxes" like an auction: he who promises to cut the most gets elected...Never mind reality! Afterall, GW Bush proved beyond any doubt that a moron can be elected because the voters are even dumber!

Well guys and ladies, the nation is calling on you now to prove the winnig value of "dumbness" a real liability by proving that you gotta do a lot better than C+ and imaginary tax cuts to be elected in this state!

It's time to kick ass, so put your powerful words on this page please so that they and we will know where you stand.

See you on the line!

DE Teodoru


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