Saturday, July 30, 2005

Sen. Corzine, call for end to Iraq War to prevent a 9/11 in NJ!

Sen. Corzine, on the several occasions when we met and
discussed the Iraq War with you, we both succumbed to
your impeccable logic and patriotism in refusing to
call for an immediate Iraq pull-out. Indeed, it would
make the US look stupid, first making such a mess of
that country and then abandoning it without fixing it
right after an election.


(1) In the North the Kurds are drunk on the idea that
they can steal themselves a country from Iraq now and
later add parts of Turkey, Iran and Syria to it. This
people that for a thousand years never had a state of
their own because they could only get together to kill
each other, think that they can, on the back of
America's efforts to liberate them from Saddam
Hussein, break off of Iraq a rump homeland as an
initial base—also claiming as their own more than 1/3
of Iraq's oilfields in the North. Using the arms we
supplied, they intend to expand into neighboring
countries by force and terror. Despite American pleas
and their promise to integrate themselves into the
Iraqi nation we liberated, they are provoking war with
Turkey, thinking that we have no choice but to support
them against other Islamics.

(2) In the South, the most numerous but weak Shi'ites
have worked out a unity deal with Shi’ite Iran so that
its infiltrated fighters will help them impose on the
Sunnis and Kurds a Shi'ia Sharia (ie. religious rule).

(3) In the bloody triangle of Mid-Iraq-- including
Baghdad-- The Sunnis fight on, ready to make a
short-term Arab majority alliance of convenience with
the Shi'ia to prevent the Kurdish usurpation of
Northern Iraq—this is our only hope. This Arab
majority union of convenience they will make, however,
only AFTER our troops are completely pull out of Iraq.

(4) Thanks to Bush’s war, Iraq will suffer that which
Saddam Hussein had prevented from happening for
decades: the fragmentation of Iraq into bloody civil
war without end.

(5) Though the Shi'ia are a very large majority of
Iraq and the Sunnis a minority, in the Middle East,
Iraq is a Shi'ia island in a Sunni ocean; for Iraq's
neighbors are almost all Sunnis, except for Iran. Thus
Bush’s present policies are helping to bring about a
regional conflagration as Iraq degenerates to a
three-way civil war using the arms we supplied. Our
remaining troops could well find themselves helpless
in the crossfire of a regional Sunni-Shi'ia-Kurdish
war that never ends.

This is the mess GW Bush made when he gave in to VP
Cheney's avaricious appetite for Iraq's oil,
disguising it as preempting WMDs. Bush's CRIMINAL
NEGLIGENCE and Cheney's CRIMINAL INTENT are costing
our nation more in blood and treasure than anyone
would have imagined. It is weakening us as a nation
and as a force for peace and democracy, leaving us
vulnerable to the Islamic extremists' war of terror.

Yet, Bush has already let it be known that for him the
polls speak louder than his non-existent win/exit
policies. Thus, from the leaking of British withdrawal
documents by the Pentagon to Baghdad forces’ Chief
Commander, Gen. Casey’s press briefing, the word is
sent forth that we will-- in large part-- withdraw our
troops-- NOT IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS-- but rather IN
again, it is clear that neither Bush nor Rumsfeld make
policy but Bush's "brain," political hack, Karl Rove

A partial withdrawal at a time when, privately, all
commanders agree that our forces in Iraq are already
spread too thin, will leave the soldiers left behind
as sitting ducks in an Iraqi-against-Iraqi
conflagration. Our training of Iraqis will only serve
to help them better kill each other. And our remaining
soldiers, spread so thin, will need to depend even
more on protection with air and artillery ordnance.
These imprecise weapons will cause far more civilian
casualties. Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld may call these
mere "inevitable collateral damage," but we know that
such mounting casualties will further escalate the
number of Iraqi survivors devoting their lives only to
killing as many Americans as they can in revenge. How
can we allow ever decreasing American forces to face
ever increasing suicide killers from amongst the
surviving relatives of victims of our ordnance devoted
to killing in revenge as many Americans as possible?

These residual forces at risk are OUR sons and
daughters living forever at risk in enclaves
protecting the Cheney oil fields in Iraq. Anyone who
does not feel these troops to be OUR KIDS does not
deserve to call him/herself an American. There’s
nothing worse than the passive “Ain’t my kid goin’ to
Iraq” syndrome of some people. We must all judge Iraq
as though Bush were sending our son/daughter,
father/mother, brother/sister to Iraq. None of us can
pretend to be caring Americans and not see it that


TRUE, one might argue that, running for New Jersey
Governor, you are not in a position to propose
foreign policy, as if you were running for President.
But as governor you will be waist-deep in our state's
homeland security needs. We refuse to believe that you
learned nothing from the Madrid tragedy and recent
bombing incidents in London by home-grown extremist
Islamic terror cells.

Well sir, please don't be fooled by GW Bush's
WON'T HAVE TO FIGHT THEM *HERE*-- that's speechwriter
sound bite talk, for THEM are already HERE,

NEW JERSEY-- just like the one that blew up the World
Trade Center in 1993!

They saw that when Bush reacted to 9/11 he could only
use blind force because our intelligence services were
in such disrepair. Lacking intelligence, he just sent
in the marines blind into Afghanistan, to step on the
mid-body of the snake (alQaeda), leaving the head free
to maneuver and bite again. The cells in New Jersey
saw that all the forces of the greatest power, when
sent to Afghanistan with a big foot but blind, failed
to seize the head (binLaden) even after four years of
trying; and, after failing, Bush has humiliated
himself declaring that we are no longer interested in
binLaden. These words from the (intel) blind giant
also gave them courage and steeled their
determination. Their determination was fueled by
hateful rage when they concluded that we are killing
innocent Muslims all over the world out of frustration
with our inability to catch their one guilty hero who
did us so much harm.


All our signs of ignoble weakness have indeed steeled
the hearts of our homegrown terrorist cells.. If they
have not yet acted, bombing buses and trains, as in
England, it is only because their benchmark, unlike
for their European brethren, is 9/11. To do anything
less than the spectacular destruction of the World
Trade Center would, in their eyes be a sacrilege,
shaming them as wanting to attract attention on
themselves, away from the heroic 9/11 shaheeds
(suicide bombing "martyrs").

So, they certainly WILL act-- but not until they can
surpass the 9/11 spectacular with a dramatic mass
murder of their own.

Please, Sen. Corzine, come to terms that they are
already here and that the George Washington Bridge,
Port Newark, our oil refineries etc. are all wonderful
targets for them. They are just waiting and watching
for that one time that they need be right without
jumping for the 99 times when we are right.

Short of troops, Bush sucked the states dry of their
National Guard from guard duty at home against terror
to blind imperial duty in Iraq. New Jersey sent over
1000 National Guardsmen to Iraq. Don't you think that,
in light of Bush's Iraq motives and mess, they would
best serve to protect their own state of New Jersey?


So please, Sen. Corzine, in this campaign think of New
Jersey first. Call for saving our National Guardsmen
from death in Iraq so that they may come home and
protect against deaths in New Jersey. We as a nation
can't afford another 9/11 so we can't afford to send
our soldiers into Bush's Iraq mess that had nothing to
do with 9/11.

If you continue to support in silence Bush's
leadership based on incompetence you become part of
the problem like Forrester instead of a new way that
becomes a part of the solution.

We are two NJ REPUBLICANS, proud of it, that will
support and vote for you as our next Governor against
the Rove-run Bush troll, Forrester.

Daniel E. Teodoru and Ionas Aurelian Rus
Republicans who will work and vote for Corzine as the
first step in taking America back from Forrester and
Bush & Co. whom we do not consider to be real


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