Saturday, September 03, 2005

Bus ride to DC, Sept 24

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Help Katrina Victims and March on Washington

As summer draws to a close, the world looks
quite different than it did in June.

It is almost impossible to come to grips with the destruction and
devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina and the loss of life and
further devastation caused by our government's slow response to the
crisis. If you haven't acted already and would like to contribute in
some way, we have listed several options on our Web site, including
donating water through the NJ National Guard or offering housing through
MoveOn. If you have other suggestions feel free to submit them. We
have also posted a letter from a former Montclair resident who is
currently in Batton Rouge with her family. Emily Grand has collected
food and other items for her family. Please visit
<../> for more in! formation.


This summer proved once again that a single individual can make a
difference! Let us make sure that the momentum from Cindy Sheehan's
courageous vigil continues to grow by joining a nationwide show of
strength at the Washington Monument, on September 24th, protesting US
presence in Iraq and demanding that the administration set a deadline
for getting our troops home. The Saturday rally will be part of a
two-day event that also includes concerts, seminars, and a march from
the Washington Monument to the White House.

HOW TO GET THERE: BlueWave NJ, along with other local progressive
groups, has arranged for bus transportation from Montclair

WHERE: Buses will depart from Montclair's Bay Street train station (at
Pine & Bloomfield Ave).

WHEN: Saturday, September 24, at 6:30 AM; depart Washington DC at 4:00

COST: Tickets cost $40. However, the cost of a ticket should not stop
anyone from going to the demonstration. We are ready and willing to sell
tickets at reduced prices.

RSVP: Let us know as soon as possible if you can come. Contact <>..

Even if you can't make it to Washington on the 24th, you can help out in
one of these ways:

* On Friday September 8, at 6:30 PM we are calling for a special
turnout to the weekly antiwar vigil to help publicize the
demonstration. Please come out for an hour at 6:00 PM at the
corner of Bloomfield Avenue and Church Street in Montclair.

* On Saturday, September 3, Saturday September 10, and Sunday
September 18, we will be going out to the community, shopping
centers, synagogues and churches to spread the word. We need
volunteers each day at 11AM or 1PM.

If you can help, please email

College or high school students. We especially need your help to spread
the word on local campuses. Please contact:

Make your plans now; tell your friends, bring your family. Let's help
make this demonstration the turning point against this war.


To update your email and/or address information please use our update
form <>


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