Friday, September 23, 2005

The gods are angry

The past five years have seen devastation, violence, official mendacity and cronyism at levels never before witnessed by America. We've had crisis and disaster in the past, but never this close together. We've had treasury looting by the wealthiest among us. Open ended, no-bid contracts are the rule of the day, not the exception. We have marched headlong into Gomorra under the guise of some unidentified theological junta. The gods are angry.
9-11 (19 guys with box cutters), Katrina, and Rita have brought this nation to its knees. An out of control deficit has our economy on shaky ground. The Iraq occupation has compromised out military. Do you feel a draft yet? Poverty is on the rise. Middle class income has declined in real dollars. Energy costs are driving up the cost of most things and living standards have declined in kind. We have a government that sends out the message that everyone is left to their own devices to survive in a increasingly predatory environment. We have political leadership that jeopardizes the nation's security for petty political retribution. We have a mass media that refuses to play its role as the fourth estate whose role it is to keep the light of day shining on the government and the officials who lean on the levers of power. They now operate as a fifth column against the people  they were originally intended to safeguard. We have high ranking government officials who deliberately lied and shaded the truth to start a war against a people who never attacked us.

"We can't seem to mind our own business.
The whole world has to be just like us.
Now we are fighting a war over there,
No matter the winner, we can't pay the cost.
There's a monster on the loose.
It's got our heads into a noose,
And it just sits there watching."
(Steppenwolf, "Monster." 1970)

We can thank Antonin Scalia for granting a stay on specious grounds to stop the Florida recount. With this action Scala drove a stake through democracy's heart.  If we're ever come to be known as the United States of Halliburton, thank Antonin Scalia.
Three questionable elections have brought one party rule. The perceived minority has no say. The majority of us have had our political leverage neutralized by prevarication. deception and outright criminal fraud. Free and fair elections are for a bygone era. Diebold now determines who will rule we the people. The whirring sound you hear in the background is the ghosts of Lincoln, Roosevelt and Eisenhower spinning in their graves.
Science has taken a back seat to superstition. Mediocrity is celebrated as a cultural value. Incompetence is rewarded. The whole world wants to be just like us?
The number of dead bodies and wrecked lives left in the wake of the most corrupt administration since Caligula is evidence the gods must be angry.


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