Wednesday, September 14, 2005

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  1. Andrew Says:

    The Noxious Lullaby:

    I have been wide-awake for five years now.

    Before that, I was adrift in a state of semi-consciousness, enjoying the sweet, feminine falsetto sung by our mainstream. Snuggled up in my supple and fluffy ignorance, I wandered softly through the ornate and fulfilling castle in the sky.

    I drifted around in my dream state, complaining and making observations specific to the issues that served nothing more than the preservation of my own sleepy decadence.

    I was a liberal, and despised racism, classism, and the like, but only to the limit of the range of my voice. Meanwhile, I drank too much and spent vast sums of money on causes beneficial to my own comfort.

    I would say that I was the typical Caucasian Democrat, talking whilst sleeping. It is something that I am not proud of, but a fact nonetheless.

    Admittedly, I was not a big fan of Al Gore way back when. My reasons were common among my friends as we felt that he seemed a bit too interested in methods that would seek to govern our personal lives. Simultaneously, I was not diligent in my knowledge of Mr. Bush, and relied solely on my contempt for his father to sway my vote away from him, making my choice a debate between “the lesser of two evils.”

    I chose the third, Mr. Nader, thus compounding my own sense of “genious.”

    As it turned out, my pride driven vote didn’t make much difference. Plans beneath the shallow surface had been drawn while I slept. Shills were in place. Crafted, powerful, and deliberate instigators worked feverishly to ensure the end result, and with great brilliance and success, the man who would turn out to be the worst President in our nation’s history was seated in the Oval Office.

    Suddenly, a loud crash had interrupted my slumber.

    Since the beginning of his Presidency, Mr. Bush has shown immense flaws of leadership. Some examples from the very beginning are legendary. All of us witnessed his swift disappearance from Washington upon failure after failure to pursue his agenda and that of his base.

    And then the planes struck.

    With this despicable act, we unified as a nation (I believe that If Gary Coleman were the President, we would have done the same.) With the nation behind him, his advisors must have taken a deep sigh of relief. For, we seemed to have blinded ourselves to the blatant truth that the President and his cabinet had failed us, resulting in the worst catastrophe to date in American history.

    With knowledge of this blindness, the machine began running at peak capacity, simultaneously revealing and subverting the President’s number one priority: the conquering of Iraq, and concurrently, the rebirth of imperialism.

    Yet again, plans were hastily drawn, but this time they were flawed from their conception by delusions of imperial proportions. Swift success in Afghanistan fed the delusional superiority of the new imperialists, who mistook their delusions for facts and deliberately ignored the historical consequences for imperialism.

    Blatant lies were perpetrated on the floor of our House and Senate. Trinkets were waved around to emphasize the depth of the “clear and present danger.” Sixteen mendacious words were uttered to invoke the instability and fear of the American people, whose sense of security was already fragile as a result of the first failure of the President.

    Meanwhile, our media, whose task is to protect its citizens from fascism, was in the midst of its own reprehensible failure.

    Americans were being deliberately distracted from seeking the truth by relentless warnings about poison pens, exploding neckties, and the life saving benefits of having three rolls of duct tape.

    Many major news networks opted to mimic the methods of Rojer Ailes, which lined the pockets of his bosses (including the Saudi Royal Family) with gold. In spite of any inkling of integrity we had witnessed wedged between the horrific “Alerts” and “Security Watch(es),” our media had recklessly and irreparably failed us.

    The consequence of the failure was dire. Many were lulled back to sleep, falling hook line and sinker for the dubious assertion that “America will be safer” if we support the conservative agenda. A profound exploitation of communal ignorance was underway.

    As it turns out, the lies of this President were much more complex than I had originally thought. It seems that his “agenda” had many layers. For example, to pursue his devious plan, he has made many concessions to repay his associates for their crimes. Unqualified and undignified individuals were placed in the highest offices of our ill-conceived protectorate. Corrupt and synonymous companies were granted large sums of money to “clean up” the various aftermaths.

    He might have been successful had the forces of nature not intervened, thus exposing the depth of his own incompetence and that of his corrupt minions, which served to erode the thin veil of lies and criminal contempt that has allowed him to push forward.

    As the destruction swept down from the heavens, the President, in his horrid narcissism, continued his “working vacation,” strumming guitars, sampling sweet frosting, and attending to matters of far less significance. The media, a shadow of what it once was, had inadvertently exposed the narcissism of this awful man; posting photographs of his decadence and delusion while concurrently recording the decline, fall, and death of our nations poor and abandoned people the South.

    A camera cannot lie. And so, my eyes were then permanently propped open.

    On this day, the machine- the battered but functioning mechanism of the President- is running at full steam. The levels of desperation are as glaring as they are astounding. In fact, one only needs to visit the White House website to witness the machine’s quest to put as many black faces on it as humanly possible.

    Worse, those who enjoy vast audiences: Mehlmens, Oreillys, Humes; all are unified in spreading covert and deceptive messages to cloud the reality of the President’s ignorance in the face of great dangers.

    In the wake of this deliberate plan, we are witness to the corrupt benefits that are once again being recklessly doled out to the Halliburtionous group of benefactors. Further, it seems that the quest to murk the obvious has shown growing success as we hear no outrage from the opposing institutions pertaining to the cronyism committed to accomplish expensive tasks ahead.

    Once again, the poor must suffer while the rich profit at their growing expense. With nothing, they are now subject to the penalties Mr. Bush has imposed on them by devaluing the value of their services.

    The following is fact:

    Another gargantuan lie is being served to the American people. It is a lie that intends to distract us from the depth of this administration’s corruption. It is a lie that intends to rebury the partially exhumed incompetence for which we have all paid a dear price yet again as a result of the former.
    By now, we should all be fully aware of the scope of this President’s evil; but we have not witnessed the success or failure of the new lie.

    I am fearful that many of my fellow Americans are not like I am. I fear that they are more interested in being lulled back to sleep. I fear that many wish to recapture the delusions of American life, of American insulation, of the American decadence, which we all are afflicted with.

    I fear that our “fourth estate” deliberately seeks to fail us. I fear that my paranoid fantasies of some vast conspiracy are truer and more powerful than my wildest imagination.

    In spite of my fears, I am clinging desperately that at least a handful of those who have endured my various writings are diligently defending their consciousness. I am hopeful that my message crescendos until it is unbearable to hear:

    Your President has failed you.

    Your government has failed you.

    Your media has failed you.

    Their lies are deliberate and their moralism, “a sham.” (Lefever, 5) Their efforts are in the interest of serving themselves above the likes of you and I.

    Once again, the wicked have overtaken the just, and we are now all victims of its wrath. Our only measure must be to seek to remove this vile President from his seat before the “American dream” retreats permanently from our collective grasp and is replaced with fascism.

    My most sincere hope is that we conscientiously pursue this measure. Nothing short of the sum of everything we consider “American” is at stake.

    All of us have taken a nap from time to time. I assume that many have done so solely for the sake of their own sanity. I, myself, am not immune to the temptation to give up and accept the reality that my lack of power has little if any effect on the outcome in spite of how loudly I shout. But now is not the time for anyone to return to his or her slumber.

    Now is the time to awaken the others.

    We must not allow our brothers and sisters to be lulled back to sleep. For, this time they are in danger of never regaining consciousness. This time, their dream will thrust our worst nightmare into a certain and ruinous reality.

    Work Cited

    Lefever, Ernest W. Ethics And World Politics: Four Perspectives; (Page 5: Paragraph 2; ) Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD; 1972.

    Summarized from:

    “The corruption of realism or idealism can be called moralism-the most popular rival and impostor of genuine morality. Morality and ethics (the Greek derivative with the same meaning) has to do with right or wrong behavior in all spheres. It is a discipline of ends and means. However primitive or sophisticated, all moral systems define normative ends and acceptable rules for achieving them. Moralism, on the other hand, is a sham, morality, a partial ethic. . .”


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