Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bush is making American a dirty word

Hi, below is the text of a post I sent to an East
European site worried about Jihad coming to their
area. I would love to hear what others have to say.

Bing West, former Vietnam marine in I Corps and
Under-Sec. of Defense under Reagan wrote a new book
about Falluja from the Marine's perspective, having
joined them in the battle. Sunday he was on C-Span,
interviewed by the LA Times military correspondent. He
spoke of the Russian errors in Chechnya-- getting
outflanked-- as a lesson for us in Iraq and advocated
"actions" to avoid outflanking that made my jaw drop.
This Boston Irish suddenly sounded like a Bavarian

His new book, NO TRUE GLORY:


I am now reading. It reminds me of another book by a
Col. MacMasters, DERELICTION OF DUTY, damning the
Pentagon brass for letting our troops get into a mess
like Vietnam and not insisting on hitting the enemy in
the rear, depriving him of the safe bases he needed in
order to keep going. But he refuses to discuss the
wisdom of the policy, other than saying that the
president is not paying attention. More and more Bush
abrogates the decision making job he is payed for to
Rumsfeld. Rummy didn't want anyone else involved but
him and his chickenhawk neocon civilians-- not State,
not CIA, who both knew the area and had a real
occupation plan. He screwed up Iraq because he sent
all those men and women in a position where they are
shooting "blind"-- with no intelligence input to guide
them. In Vietnam, our forces were also blind in the
countryside. Soooo, we safely lobbed tons of ordnance
from the air and artillery, making the surviving
peasants refugees to the government held cities. We
were so murderous and indiscriminant, treating Vietnam
as our battlefield, not the country we were trying to
save from Communism, because we had not intel about
who was who. By indiscriminant bombing of the
countryside, we dried the "sea" of peasants who became
refugees and left the Viet Cong "fish" high and dry.
The peasants became what Hanoi pejoratively called
"petit bourgeois" with small family businesses in the
cities and the towns; they loved it and so became
immune to VC propaganda. South Vietnam went by 1967
from 85% rural to 75% urban. The war was by then won.
But the VC kept going because North Vietnam flooded
the South with troops-- it was a real invasion, hoping
the day would come when the US just had enough and
didn't care anymore. That day came and we lost!

In Iraq, however, as West points out, the cities ARE
the battlefield. So we are indeed destroying the
cities in order to "save them." Because we have no
intel, we are killing Iraqis almost indiscriminately.
We are far less in control in Iraq than we were in
Vietnam. EVERYONE hates us, everyone claims we owe
them a blood debt in revenge for relatives we killed--
even those who desperately want us to stay (they plan
to take revenge as we go out).

West said that America's two biggest problems are that
we don't speak the language (Arabic) and we are
desperate to protect our big logistic tail and to
avoid casualties amongst our troops. All that is fine
and right, but we are doing it by killing the people
we are trying to save and destroying instead of
rebuilding their cities. The only thing we were able
to greatly secure are the oil fields and pipelines--
that sais a lot about what we're doing there, I'm

As the interviewer pointed out to West "Geneva crimes"
we were committing in Iraq, West kept saying in retort
that we should let our shooters loose-- "why not the
Israelis did that?" But Israel is a little surrounded
nation that could easily be destroyed, America is not.
Yet, West, and many other brass I spoke to, more and
more, are refusing to recognize the criminal
negligence that dumped our soldiers in Iraq without
intel, forcing them to fire as if blind. They thus
convert "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS" more and more into
support keeping them in the horrible slaughter
situation, getting killed and maimed, in which we put
them in the first place. Rumsfeld knows all that, so
his crime is not negligence, as is the case of Bush,
but criminal *intent* against both the Iraqis and our
troops-- almost all parents of babies-- for his own

It is becoming necessary, on the part of brass that
refused to quit and criticize the policy that is using
their men as cannon fodder, to borrow the arguments I
used to hear as a kid after the war from ex-German
officers to justify what they did in the Ukraine and
Russia during the occupation. I don't want to attack
or abandon this wonderful country that gave me a home
and three beautiful American children. However, I
cannot be party to the abrogation of citizenship on
the part of Americans who don't want to face that what
we do in Iraq is in their name. But, with tears as I
write this, I am considering the ultimate protest:
renouncing the American citizenship in protest that I
finally had taken in the 1960s in order to get to
Vietnam, and return to Europe. EVERY American must
realize that what is done in Iraq is done in HIS/HER
name. You can't pretend ignorance, for the media did
such a good job that only those who don't want to know
don't know what happened.

West's prescription to avoiding a Chechnya catastrophe
is to kill, kill, kill because that's all the blind
can do: shoot in the direction from which they hear
sounds. I hope Ukraine and Romania-- all East Euro
nations-- will get their intel services up to par and
will integrate them so that Jihad does not become such
a scary thing that their many Freedom Revolutions will
disappear in a security paroxysm. The troops that had
experience in Iraq must come home to East Europe and
apply all the lessons America did not learn in order
to keep democracy and security both intact. We can't
afford waiting in the hope that Bush will keep his
promise to lead East Europe to the pot of gold at the
end of the rainbow. We must prepare for the revenge
coming with Jihadist shahids that East Europe should
expect, given its senseless participation in Bush's
Iraq War.

FAMILIES. Intel is our only way of avoiding chaos--
and, of course, also needed is a president who is not
an irresponsible moron with a defense secretary who
lost his mind, trying out the skill he never had, in
leading a war.

Daniel E. Teodoru


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