Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bush Cult Kool Aid

The Bush Cult and the Koolaid.
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by Rob Kall


The people who followed Jim Jones trusted and believed in him. They even
went to Guayana, where Jim Jones promised to start a new society, just
like the Republicans, led by Newt Gingrich, promised to start a new
America. Just like the neocons envisioned their Project for a New
American Century.

These trusting believers gave up all they had, or gave it to Jim Jones
and his handlers. These believers put their very lives in Jim Jones'
hands. They trusted him, his integrity, his Christian faith. The Bush
believers are dwindling in numbers. The remaining loyalists tend to be
the members of the religious far right, macho guys who use Bush bravado
and the support of the war as a pathetic form of Viagra, wealthy
parasites who want to benefit from the fertile financial climate the US
provides without paying their share, and corporatists who are making a
fortune working with the crooked Bush administration and its right wing
extremist republican cronies.

The Viagra boys are pathetic dummies and loser. About all we can expect
from them is they will continue listening to idiots like Limbaugh, Beck
and Hannity, who publicly masturbate their egos on their shows every day.

The corporatists and wealthy leeches will keep on milking the situation
as long as they can. They are soul-less, integrity devoid people and
entities. They must be strictly regulated. Otherwise they will take all
they can.

And then there are the far right evangelicals, and maybe, some misguided
farmers and just stupid white men, like Michael Moore described in his

Yet we know that even among the hypnotized fools who followed Jones to
his horror haven in Guayana, some awakened at the last minute and
survived the final suicide.

Here we have the tens of millions of dupes who are being suckered by the
James Dobson, the Left Behind Series and the morally bankrupt, power
intoxicated parasitic leaders of megachurches. They wait for the
rapture, not worrying about the destruction of the environment, the
inflaming of war and and misery in the middle east.

What will it take to wake at least some of them up? How destructive will
the ones who will be willing to drink the final, arsenic-laced kool-aid
the right wing extremist republicans are serving?

If we'd known what Jim Jones would do, what extreme measures would have
been justified to prevent the mass murder/suicide he induced? What about

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