Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Wilson and the outing of the scumbags

Poor Joe Wilson, nobody seems to remember that the way
he got involved in debate over the Bush Iraq policy
was at the beginning of 2003, when he sought to
transmit to Mideast affairs aficionados what Poppy
Bush wrote to him: my son is not a moron, he will not
invade Iraq.

It should be kept in mind that Washingtonians are a
high-strung lot. They worry a lot about current
events-- together, whatever their partisanship. Thus,
whether scholars, think-tankers, bureaucrats,
politicians-- especially retired officials who
hang-out in government buildings-- they all
desperately seek info that will reassure them that all
is well. Easily stressed about the dangers to American
national security over the horizon, to them the trade
of services, loyalties and information for more info
is what life is all about. Chronic worriers all, info
soothes stress like a fix to an addict. Without it
they go mad. Their info is not broadcast. It is
quietly circulated in tight social circles as panacea
to chronic stress. However, should they deem the info
proof that national leaders are morons or utterly
mendacious, they then reach out to the shark species
constantly plying the Wash DC waters-- Washingtus
Journalisitus-- ever hungry for a scoop with nothing
else to offer for info but fame that often turns to
notoriety. That is why most Washingtonians keep a low
profile and are most discreet unless aroused by what
they deem reckless imbecility or corrupt rot at the
top. Then they go into moral mode as do mid-level
bureaucrats, risking careers and stability out of a
patriotic sense of duty that "the people gotta know."

So outrageous was the start of the Iraq War, making
little sense to anyone, that what was the nation's
most hermetically sealed administration sprang leaks
from almost all middle levels. And still, the
Wilson-types kept it all to themselves as the
Washington Post and New York Times tried to outdo

Worst still, the "conservatives" who make up the Bush
Administration have no experience with governance.
They brought no technical skills, despite padded
resumes, but campaign activism like FEMA's nightmare
Mr. Brown. All their lives they were always
competitively cutting eachother's throats for pecking
order status in political hierarchies far, far, far
from power and responsibility. To their minds, all
problems are solved with cover mendacity, secrecy and,
above all, discrediting slander of anyone exhibiting
anxiety, doubt or disbelief about the course of the
ship of state. Claiming to be morally driven, the
conservatives deemed all critics "evil" and amorally
spared no vile tactics to shut them down or discredit
them. Much like academia, they plied the Mafia-like
code of silence to defame through whisper campaigns
that the target would never know of until too late.

Particularly a low point in Wash DC is the mediocrity
of the current administration's cadre. For them there
is no poorly argued case, nor facts that make the
simple complicated. If it serves their ends, it is
obvious and those who do not see it are blinded by
evil or nefarious motives. Consequently, any doubt is
seen as subversion and challenge is taken as the

As this White House sought to make a case for war
against Iraq, it invoked the "mushroom cloud" and
needed evidence to support it. A dubious series of
documents, frauds still under FBI investigation, were
produced that added a notch to the Cheney case that
either we get Saddam now or he will nuke us soon. The
CIA, by statute obliged to present the best evidence
to the President, saw this proof going south into
oblivion. Cheney and his lot of mediocrities, with
absolutely no expertise in anything but "spin,"
accused the CIA of unfriendliness to the
Administration and demanded the manufacture of proof
that the Niger yellow cake story is credible fact.
Because Wilson's wife was a covert operative, she was
asked to recruit her husband, an Africa specialist, to
check out on the spot the sale of uranium to Iraq.
Since the "customer" was Cheney, obviously, Wilson was
not seen then as a partisan. He went, he saw, came
back and reported, "baloney."

But by then, it had become habit amongst the neocons
running American Mideast policy to disregard
intelligence and count on the discretion of the
service not to expose them. Thus, though Cheney
disregarded the CIA's Wilson report, and continued to
make self-serving false assertions, beyond the CIA,
muzzled into silence, there was now a private citizen
who knew that the yellow cake story was a fraud.

With his wife a covert in the service, Wilson was a
discrete man. At first, he told his tale in private
circles, producing head shaking and outrage. He was
told that it is his "patriotic duty" to break the
circle of silence and tell his tale to discrete media
types who would take it from there. To Washingtonians
he knew this was a moral issue, for by then Americans
were dying in Iraq for seeming false reasons.
Discretely, for that's his way, Wilson went to two
journalists, Pinkus of the Washington Post and Cristof
of the NY Times, urging them to look into the invasion
because Cheney may have forced Bush into a war based
on a lie. Yet, sharks of the Washingtus Journalisticus
species are forever searching for a human interest
story. Thus, especially after confirming what you tell
them, the issue ceases to be in the forefront;
instead, they obsessively wonder: "who's that guy?"
and "what's his story?" That's how Wilson, instead of
his yellow cake from Niger story, became the story.
And so, exposed, Wilson decided that it was time to
tell the yellow cake story himself, free of the media
distortions and personalizations that were so
inevitable-- hence the NY Times Op-ed piece.

When Cheney's cabal found out about this, it was
decided to exploit Wilson's discretion in order to
make the most of his self-outing. They found out that
his wife is a covert CIA operative; this allowed them
to say anything they wanted and he could not contest
it for fear of outing her. And so, in a journalistic
"backgrounder" whisper campaign, they said that no one
at the CIA sent Wilson to Niger but his wife, who did
it so he could use it as an attention seeking devise.
As his hunger for attention grew, they insisted, his
story became increasingly outlandish.

The aim of the Cheney cabal was not to spread this
over the media. It was meant to be carried around from
mouth to mouth by journalistic sharks, until Wilson is
totally discredited and the issue simply goes away.
Libby took on the task, using Judith Miller of the NY
Times, to whose common ethnic bond he had already
appealed to write about how evil are Arabs. She was
not supposed to write the Cheney version of the Wilson
story, but spread it around press circles. This she
did and indeed no one wrote about it; that is, until
the story got to poor old Mr. Novak, who was running
short of tid-bits for his column. Assuming that
everyone in the media knew, Novak outed Wilson's wife.
This brought bulldog Fitzgerald into the picture, who
traced the story to its origin. That's because the CIA
knew that, with Goss as DCI, Cheney would take revenge
and fire them all. So, they produced a finding that
CIA security was injured by the Plame outing. It was a
golden blow against the Vice President, who was almost
dropped from the ticket in 2004, except for the threat
that if he leaves, the right abandons Bush.

The Libby indictment could not happen to a nicer guy.
Next to Michael Ledeed, the admirer of Mussolini,
Libby is the neocons' leading slander maker. He had
wrongly assumed that, since Novak never got it from a
government official but from quiet press-whispers, he
too could claim press to have been his source.

The moral of the story is that hubris does not lead to
viciousness alone; it also leads to imbecilic errors.
Ditto Libby.

All in all, Americans must know that in Wash DC info
is the coin of the realm. If Novak had not been so
hard-up, Wilson would have quietly disappeared like
all the other Bush lovers, like myself, that turned
against him and suffered from the silent slander virus
emanating from the neocon propaganda machine. Skills
learned from youthful Commie days were, it seems,
passed on generation to generation amongst neocons as
they drift to the right.

In a last minute move to avoid indictment, Rove turned
in evidence on the Cheney cabal. So, we may yet see a
donnybrook in court between the Bush and Cheney
teams-- that is unless Bush buys the Cheney group's
silence with a promise of, whatever the outcome, he
will grant a presidential pardon.

But either way, after desperately seeking public
access sources to use without outing my private ones,
I found that, for once, the media did a most thorough
job with the massive mid-level leaks entrusted to it.
Thus, I must again insist as I insisted in November
2004, those who don't know, don't know because they
don't want to know.

CAVEAT: Nothing I say here should be taken at face
value. Anyone can anytime turn to the Internet and get
a far more detailed account which can be confirmed.
It's all a matter of responsibility and will.

Daniel E. Teodoru


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