Monday, December 05, 2005

Bush will show you that he can walk while chewing gum!

I carefully reread 10 of Bush's Iraq strategy speeches
and also his made to order NSC victory proposal that's
supposed to be a document from early in his
administration just now declassified. From these and
all the media discussion supporting Bush's alleged
"strategy to victory," I have anxiously come to the
depressing conclusion that we are facing an official
dumbing down of America's intellectual discourse on
national priorities.

Rumsfeld parades before us generals, that I guess are
supposed to be intimidating icons of brute force in
desert camouflage, but really, from their gorilla
appearance and drawl spewing the latest Rumsfeld
snowflakes (supposed combat aphorisms), invoke more
the stereotype dimwit giant "Lenny," from OF MICE AND
MEN. Case in point: a general comes before the media
in Baghdad (though they look out of place in starched
fatigues and living in Saddam's luxury palaces)
complaining that a video made by the "terrorists" and
broadcast on their web-site is an "outrageous lie"
because in it they "pretend" to be freely marching
about Falluja showing their guns and firing mortars,
assumedly at Americans. The good general also calls it
a "disgusting lie" because we hold Falluja and if they
ever got out into the street: we sure would know about
it and they would be dead. That night, presumably
after the good general had already retired to his
bunk-down in Saddam's palace, ten men are killed and
even more are wounded in an ambush near Falluja.
Another: a briefer complains about the "propaganda" in
al-Jazzirah. Bragging, Rumsfeld himself, at his
Pentagon news briefing, contrasts Saddam media
propaganda with the free and open press in Iraq now. A
bit later, a story blows out on the wires that the
Pentagon writes stories about how bad the "terrorists"
are and how good the American occupation is; then it
translates them and pays millions to get them
published under the bi-line of Iraqi journalists, well
rewarded for the borrowing of their names. That's what
the Pentagon has become-- on and on Rummy stands
before the press showering it with a blizzard of his
snowflakes; but by now they are all so full of Bushit
that they are turning brown. But never mind, Rummy
proudly takes on the media, remembering how Nixon
thought him such a wonderful sophist, even better than

And then there is Rove with his slanderous whisper
campaigns. But as the infection emanating from the
open wound that is his office spreads, he can't stop
gloating about what a strong and infectious
personality he has. After all, he had corralled all
those doggies for Christ to get Bush re-elected,
proving that, though small and puny, he can be just as
good a cowboy as the Marlboro man. Like a symphony
orchestra conductor he coordinates the Bible-babble of
these hordes through closed circuit TV terminals to
each of their parishes. For them, Bushit babble is
Divinely inspired and, to make sure they realize that,
he reminds them from time to time that the President
wants them to know that when it comes to policy, "God
told me to do it, so as I, your president, am doing
the Lord's work, following my [holy] gut." (and this
they call "coded messages"!)...

And then there's VP Cheney. He is like a Mafia family
enforcer, who personally goes for "briefings" from the
intelligence agencies and then angrily demands: why
haven't the intel assessments concluded what I just
said on TV? Like a cloud over sunshine, he goes on the
media and insists that there is no way but his way in
the intel community, so how could he be wrong? Half
the press doesn't want to throw into fibrillation
what's left of his myocardium, the other half fears
that he will make their hearts stop. So they lob at
him timid questions about what he had previously said
and he firmly responds: I never said that; if you
check the transcript, you'll see that I never said
that.... So, they roll the tape-- sure enough, there
he is, actually saying that; but, alas, by then he's
gone off to repeat the pattern on some other TV show.
It's quite effective, for, according the the polls, he
has totally hypnotized 26% of Americans into believing
him. The rest, well, they're just little people who,
through taxes finance his company, Halliburton, by the
billions and can't do anything about it
anyway....wait, VP, until a Democrat Congress comes in

Behind all these hides GW Bush whose profligate and
totally useless life was rendered no trespassing" when
he declared everything before,"Jesus saved me," is out
of bounds. Unchallenged, he then seized the nation's
top command before anyone ever had a chance to ask
him: what really are you good at?

This mediocritocracy has surrounded itself with the
best-- surely not the brightest-- of unskilled and
unformed hustlers of dubious skills whose only
qualification for their executive posts was loyalty to
the Bush campaign, loyalty in the face of utter
dysfunction and still blind to reality's warning

It is with great anxiety that I recall another bunch
of sub-par mediocrities in the last century who also
came to power surrounded by brawn not gifted with
brains and sundry other traits whose loyalty expressed
to their leader much as the sycophancy Bush seems to
require. I found myself recalling this latter bunch as
I watched the 2004 Republican Convention unfold like a
scene from TRIUMPH OF THE WILL. But the latter group
was not as lucky as Bush & Co. They didn't have a 9/11
to wrap themselves in and so they set the Reichstag's
on fire and blamed it on the Jews. Our New bunch is
ridding another kind of anti-Semitism, Arabs needin'
to be taught of Texas-style democracy at the point of
a gun.

Goebbels' propaganda machine rounded up hoary schooled
professionals and experts to expound an academic
version of their racism. The new guys, well they are
all "security" experts who sit around discussing
torture in interrogation instead of their old jobs,
spending the day watching shoplifters on the shopping
center's closed-circuit security TV monitors. I don't
think all these people were randomly brought together;
it is all the fulfillment of some "intelligent

Now, since the neocons were all pushed out, here we
are, ruled by the best mediocrities money can buy. Mr.
Brown, the guy who made FIMA notorious, is the
template for all this Bushit bureaucratic "intelligent
design." Such talent was acquired on the basis of one
rule: the dog that jumps highest for a morsel, no
delay-- without first tilting his head wondering, why
bother--is the mush-dog selected for harnessing to
Bush's sleigh.

We have gone from the good ol' boys from Arkansas to
the dumb ol' boys from Texas. If anyone doubts this,
just consider how Bush wordsmith, Dan Bartlett,
defines the task ahead for the Bush Administration:

"We have to show here, Ray, that we can walk and chew
gum at the same time. And President Bush, I believe in
the coming weeks and months, will show that we can do
just that."


So get to it, little Bushit doggies, take a step, chew
once, take another step, chew again....wait a minute,
if that's too complicated try this: left step, jaw
open; right step, jaw closed; left step, jaw open;
right step, jaw closed....That's it! Well, if you
don't get it it's alright because you have three more
years to learn while the rest of us try to figure out
why we voted into the presidency this man, victim of a
neurotoxic brew of alcohol and cocaine, doing nothing
with his life, until Jesus saved him.

Daniel E. Teodoru

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