Sunday, December 11, 2005

A Christian's plea to a fellow Christain GW Bush at Christmas

Mr. Bush, you just don't get it!

You have this strange belief that the American people
are impervious to facts and that are only starving for
your speechwriters' words of reassurance that all is
well and you are in charge. Based on this assumed
anemia on the part of the American people,
demonstrated as doubts about you in the polls, you
chose to impose on them a massive diarrhea of words
from your speechwriters, transfused massively to us
through a series of speeches on the Iraq War. Yet, all
are the same slippery words oddly defined, quantifying
adjectives that you later qualify into contradictions,
and a constant reordering of the same phrases into
different constructs that say nothing new. That's not
the problem, you are missing the point of the popular
doubts about your administration.

Let me try and explain it to you with an example:
imagine that you are a surgeon who suddenly decides to
perform a cholecystectomy (removal of the gallbladder)
on a patient. But instead of making your incision in
the right upper quadrant of the belly, you turn over
the patient and try to get to the gallbladder from the
back. Soon after you make your incision you suddenly
notice that there's a kidney blocking your way. So you
come out and tell the family that the patient has a
kidney that's in the way of the gallbladder, so you
must remove it. Possibly, not knowing anything about
anatomy and trusting you, the family sais: well,
you're the surgeon, whatever you say has to be done,
go ahead and do it. But what about the surgical
resident serving as your first assistant? what about
the scrub nurse? what about the anesthesiologist? what
about the circulating assistant? All these people know
that what you are doing was gravely wrong from the
start. They can't in good conscience support you as
you seek to proceed. For them the issue is no longer
that you didn't explain what you wanted to do; for
them the issue is your COMPETENCE.

Now imagine that, in retrospect, it is discovered that
you had no evidence that the patient had any
cholecystitis making the cholecystectmy necessary. You
only made your decision based on the old adage of the
three Fs, assuming that cholecystitis tends to occur
most often in patients that are: Fat, Female and
forty; your patient qualifying for all three, you
decided this patient would need the operation. Again,
the issue over you judgment is again, COMPETENCE.

Well sir, the question thus becomes, should anyone who
has carefully watched what you have done up to now,
trust you to insist on having your way, or just to let
someone else take over the case, close the incision,
turn over the patient, clinically prove that the
patient needs a cholecystectomy, and proceed to do it
with the incision in the right place; or, should you
be left to compound your originally demonstrated gross

Nobody wants the patient to die. But maybe it's time
for you to consult more able surgeons on how to
proceed, like your European colleagues. But, for that
to happen, you must once again be SAVED by Jesus

I know that, after a profligate worthless life you
claim to have been saved by Jesus. I for one was so
impressed when I heard you say that during the 2000
Republican primaries debate that I called Mr. Rove and
asked how I can help make you president. Your
humility, in admitting to having sunk low and risen
again through Christian Salvation, your claimed
devotion to giving all fallen folks a chance at
self-salvation, your open avowal of Christ as your
personal hero and the Bible as your favorite book, all
signaled to me great honestly, courage and devoutness.
So when Mr. Rove apologetically told me that the
Northeast was not in your 2000 electoral game plan I,
right there and then, planned my retirement to
coincide with your 2004 re-election campaign in order
to devote full time at my own expense proving that ALL

But it seems that your superb and inspired performance
as the leader that binds our wounds and unites us
after the 9/11 catastrophe went to your head and you
forgot that God came down amongst us mere mortals, to
suffer hopeless pain and degradation to death,
specifically to prove to us that our salvation lies in
HUMILITY. Your greatest flaw was to have fallen from
salvation, never realizing that the way to salvation
is humility. You suffer, therefore, from classical
arrogance, assuming that Jesus saved you to put you in
charge; and so, sinfully, you equate God's will with
your gut feeling-- never struggling with problems and
studying them intently, as humble mortals do, in order
to become COMPETENT, but instead following your "gut"
and pretending that it was "God" speaking to you.

So, as a fellow Christian, I must propose to you that
you have once again fallen from the salvation you had
found-- down into a hubris that totally blinded you to
your recklessness. And the victims of that hubris are
your fellow Americans whom you are not supposed to
lead like sheep but convince like individuals whom you
respect as your fellow Americans. For they are your
masters, not you their master. You may well have
sinned into thinking of yourself as if the same as
Christ leading the flock to Salvation. But the
salvation of democracy you promised has proved to be
bloody, costly and painful incompetent simply because
it is arrogant instead of humble.

Please, Mr. President, as a fellow Christian, I can
understand your wayward arrogant ways, for we all err,
we all sin. I am in no position to cast you down, for
like you I too am a sinner. So I wish instead to ask
God and you to forgive my rage of disappointment with
you and ask you to consider that we all will forgive
you in turn if you suddenly add honest introspection
an genuine humility into your next speech. You are the
captain of the ship of state on which we all stand.
None of us benefits from it smashing on the reef. So I
feel sure that if you came to us, the crew, and
exposed your terrible errors of arrogance, we would
all have more, not less, faith in you, as we all had
at the time of our 9/11 national trial. Humility means
that you are stopping to look, carefully, not just
following your gut. It means that you consider critics
as advisers, not detractors. And, having shown the
wisdom to accept humility in your heart, you surely
will have the wisdom to lead us out of the Iraq mess
into which your hubris has brought this nation and the

So Mr. President, please-- I ask you as a fellow
Christian who to this day am pained deeply by my rage
of disappointment with you-- let the humility of Jesus
Christ save you once more. THEN, He will show you the
way and will inspire us all to consider your honest
humble but wise thinking as our leader as THE WAY to
get our nation back on track.

If you are able to show humility, then I am too, for
we both are guided by the same Savior. So then, I
then, with glee in my heart, would crawl from the door
of thew White House, on my belly, to your desk in the
Oval Office to kiss your shoes and ask your
forgiveness for my years of rage of disappointment and
doubt since you went into Iraq. I do this not as a
suppliant, but I do it as an act of humility modeled
after my Lord when he washed the feet of others. He
was thus telling us that none of us can look down on
other of us, nor give up on each other. So long as
there is life in us there is hope in us all. We must
at all times respond to good faith with good faith,
rather than biased judgment. I would want you to see
the joy on my face as I crawl to you. For in doing so,
I would, along with you, celebrate your salvation from
hubris and thus liberate myself from my own. It is
then that I can rise and joyously run out to the
street to tell my fellow Americans the "good news":
OUR George Bush is back as we once all knew him!

I can assure you that on this, the celebration of our
Lord's humble human birth-- a day when he gave us his
first sign of holy humility-- I will be praying for
your salvation-- the time when you can come and
testify before us your brothers of your escape from
hubris and the finding of shelter and inspiration in
humility. May God guide your thoughts as you face the
heavy burdens as President none of us has to face.

Daniel E. Teodoru

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