Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Let sunlight disinfect the people's White House

Trying to understand why this president signed off on
violation of the law to snoop in on American privacy
by the National Security Agency, one is more alarmed
by the intent than by the act. The Administration has,
by law, an automatic 72 hrs. in which to snoop before
it needs a special court order; so going around the
law was unnecessary. The argument about urgency seems,
like most explanations emanating from this White
House, so stupid it could not possibly be a contrived
deliberate lie, for almost anyone could do better. But
that is how Mr. Bush & Co. are and therefore one would
do well to look for understanding it all elsewhere.

A shadowy figure that for a long time, to many, seemed
a stereotype "rosebud" of the amoral, unprincipled and
bent on deception captain of industry (though his
cognitive mediocrity is the bane of the White house)
is Vice President Cheney, whom Mr. Bush appropriately
nicknamed "Vice."

None of the "macho" bravados around Mr. Bush could
accept that 9/11 was the product of corporate
recklessness; it goes against their predatory
mercantile ideology to introspect. After repeated
skyjacks through the 1970s, it was decided to make the
pilot's compartment on airliners impenetrable and to
put two sky-marshals on every plane. But this seemed
too expensive and, as an airline executive
sardonically said AFTER 9/11: "The First Class
passengers pay a lot of money so they deserve to be
able to see that there's someone at the controls."
This sarcastic excuse for leaving the pilot's door
open seems infuriating (a violation of FFA rules). But
there it was, a vulnerability picked up on by Mr. Atta
and his alQaeda suicide-killer team. Rather than face
up to the consequences wrought by corporate greed,
making 9/11 our fault for so recklessly leaving civil
aircraft vulnerable to the likes of Atta, we deemed
their exploitation an act of diabolic brilliance,
perpetrated by a gargantuan stateless monster,
al-Qaeda. From then on to now, Mr. Bush would excuse
all his impeachable offenses as necessary to keep
ahead of the terrorists for cleverly "they adapt."
That image caused a self induced panic on the part of
the mediocre Bushies (political hacks with few skills,
prototype for which is the infamous Mr. Brown of

While Bush was flying around aimlessly in Air Force
One, Cheney did what he had practiced for during the
Reagan years. Though private citizens, he and
Rumsfeld would each month go off to a special
designated cave to exercise takeover of the government
in case the Soviets nuked the White House with the
president in it. Asked why they don't take members of
Congress on these exercises, they responded that,
under attack in case of war, the government could not
afford to be run by the mind set of members of
Congress, as prescribed by the Constitution. But why
these two, of all people, was never explained.
Fortunately, the Soviets never nuked us and
fortunately, Rumsfeld and Cheney never got to take
over as the government. But on 9/11, by keeping
President Bush aloft making lazy circles in the sky,
Cheney got to be president long enough to set in
motion practices that are just now beginning to be

An utter mediocrity prone to drama, Cheney thought
ahead. While he set in motion White House superseding
of all laws as if the nation were under marshal law,
he was thinking far ahead. At that time, all
Washington DC bureaucrats followed his lead
unquestioningly, for another attentat was expected.
But thinking ahead, Cheney realized that if already in
practice when things simmer down, the American people
may well accept an utter abrogation of their civil
rights. Thus, so long as the President dramatically
argues that the nation is at war and, indeed, in
self-defense mode, the Administrations inner minions
could feel themselves unencumbered by accountability
to anyone. This would not only hide from view their
ingrained incompetence, but would render invisible all
sorts of grand schemes to push America back to the
19th Century when it was owned and plundered by the
Robber Barons.

Bit by bit, the larcenous, if not the murderous, side
of the Vice, the Darth Vedar of this administration,
will become known as the Democrats become the majority
in one or both Houses of Congress and initiate in
depth Congressional Hearings to investigate the GW
Bush era of civil rights abrogation. That day may upon
us even earlier as Republican Congressmen realize that
it's time for the rats to desert the sinking ship. So
they may initiate the hearings in order to exculpate
themselves. But even if they don't, the Republican Era
in Congress may come crashing with a dusty roar, for
no less that 48 members of the House of
Representatives are doomed in their legislative
careers of larceny of some degree or other as
Republican lobbyist Abramov begins to sing loud and
clear to the prosecutors in order to cut down his
prison time.

To those of us who kept up with the press, much of
what will be exposed will be no surprise because
middle level military and Executive Branch apolitical
bureaucrats leaked, each a little here and a little
there, to make a torrent of transparency in what was
supposed to be a hermetically sealed administration
well maintained in total darkness.

But the Bushies are not only notorious incompetents
but also utter cowards. Faced with a purgery charge,
like Mafia captains, they will sing each other right
into the prosecutor's handcuffs. By the time Mr. Bush
leaves the White House he may have made Nixon
Administration cynicism seem like spiritualism. For
behind the humble Christian veneer is an evil that can
only come from incompetents too avaricious to realize,
as Lincoln said, that you can fool some of the people
some of the time but never all of the people all of
the time. From the feeling that they got away with
their foolish nasty child hubris, they have attained
internal license against any thread of ethical limits.
Unable to feel the pain of those they victimized, they
wallow in their mirth over how they pulled it off.
That leaves them defenseless before a serious probe.
The Fitzgerald relentless investigation into the Plame
Affair is a foretaste of how when in jeopardy they
squeal, rating on each other. What those of us who are
glued to the TV screen after 2006 to see the
Congressional investigations unfold will need in order
to see this process through is anti-emetics to keep us
from vomiting. For nothing sickens a veteran more than
to see what horror of a leadership was made possible
by his thinking that after putting his life on the
line fighting for his country, he can take time from
watchful citizenship to rebuild what's left of his

As the sunshine penetrates through all the leaks, I
feel sorry for the the soldiers returning from Iraq.
As needs be done to function in combat, many of them
convinced themselves that they are fighting for
something truly worth putting their lives on the line
for.Alas, the sunshine that disinfects will be the
sunshine that horrifies and enrages them. I hope all
those of us who had a preview from being back home
will find a way to make them realize that we will join
them in making sure that another Bush Era does not
recur through relentless public education.

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