Monday, December 12, 2005

War on Christmas

Ask any American who's been unemployed for nine months this year thanks
to our "steadily rising" economy how merry their Christmas will be.

Or ask one of the thousands who found out this summer just how little
their government cares about their safety, when their incompetent and
callous president deserted them for days and days in a horrific flood,
as corpses floated by in a river of filth and vandals had their way with
the town. Those who were lucky enough to survive had little or nothing
to return to. Now the cameras are off and the whole episode has faded
predictably from the public mind. But somewhere countless families are
struggling merely to put their lives back together, many so poor they
could not have afforded cars to escape the storm that displaced them.
How plentiful do you think their Christmas celebrations will be this year?

Or ask a soldier whose tour of duty has been extended indefinitely
thanks to quasi-legal "stop-gap" policies so that a group of powerful
men who never served can continue their power grab / geopolitical
experiment. What a lovely gift.

Or, more importantly, why don't we ask the thousands of parents,
husbands, wives, sons, daughters, and best friends who won't spend this
Christmas with someone they love. Or, for that matter, any other
Christmas. Ever. Because that person died by bullet or bomb, thousands
of miles away, in a place they should never have been sent. Every kid
who was deprived of a parent will grow up knowing that other more
fortunate kids weren't. Those kids' parents had the luxury of "other

Now ask any of these people if they give a damn about what the BUSHES
put on their STUPID HOLIDAY CARDS. I dare you.

The next time any bobblehead talks about the "war on Christmas," you can
wholeheartedly agree.

Then be sure to identify its real targets


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