Monday, December 05, 2005

We gotta learn how it was done so we can be inoculated


GW Bush insists that he will not pull out until
victory; but is pulling out regardless, then calling
it victory!

The first installment will be to buy himself a
continued Republican dominated Congress; without that
he can't pay back his 2004 campaign contributors with
domestic legislation before he leaves office. Then
will come more in preparation for his 2008 farewell,
for, no matter what he sais, how he will look in
history is important to him also. So we may well be
out of Iraq before he's out of the White House. Should
we therefore just forget about it as we did with

In answer let me remind you of what Santayana said:
those who do not learn from history are doomed to
repeat it. Vietnam was sort of repeated in Iraq
because we didn't learn from it. Probably more
Americans know the baseball statistics since we went
into Iraq than know how we got into Iraq. But if we
are to survive past the Bush Era, we will have to
study and understand the mechanics of the Bush
policies that got us into this war because we might
not survive the consequences of a repeat. And, there
are a lot of other Bushes with presidential ambitions
(though they seem a lot smarter than this one). We
must understand-- and pass that understanding to our
kids-- how we re-elected such a proven morally,
intellectually and functionally formless individual
for the highest office in the land.

In fact, Bush is not be the whole issue, for he was
more a permissive element than a causative one, no
matter how many books the court scribe, Bob Woodward,
writes on Bush's behest to make him look "in charge."
The real evil doers, it is now clearer than ever, were
Rumsfeld and Cheney. One jumped in in service of the
neocons, hoping they would make him president, the
other jumped in to use the White House to salvage the
Halliburton Corporation he had incompetently
devastated while its CEO. And, of course, there were
all these oil interests to appease.

I recall during the Ike, JFK, LBJ and Nixon
administrations the tremendous agitation and worry
that the American people would never appreciate how
poisonous is the Communist pill made palatable with a
liberal sugar coating. And they were right, people
didn't take them seriously unless frightened half to
death by government propaganda. It was the Communists
who defeated themselves by growing too fast as we
relented instead of contain them. Well, over time,
those very same anti-Communist liberals floated to the
right, enjoying all the benefits that entailed
influence peddling, to became the moral and
pseudo-intellectual sugar coating for a "globalist"
American imperialism in the Middle East, playing
second fiddle to Ariel Sharon. The rant of GW Bush at
his second inaugural about spreading democracy across
the globe and not stopping until all men and women
enjoy their God-given right to freedom, is not even
ideology but mere wordsmith pap, as I tried to make
some polisci academics appreciate. The notion of
preemption too is not a doctrine but merely an excuse
for using American firepower to impose the interests
of a few payed for by the many. And Bush was only the
permissive factor that makes it all constitutional.
One need only compare the words and the actions, the
goals and the achievements, the operational concepts
of global unity and the going it alone reality. The
principle is: the weak who believed in him pay as Bush
tries to squirm out of the mess he is in. That may go
a long way to explain why all those multi-color
democratic revolutions all turned corrupt gray.

What in fact Bush made possible is far more
destructive to the American Way of Life than anything
binLaden could ever have done. 9/11 was the product of
irresponsible airlines' corporate greed. In the 1970s
it was decided that from then on all passenger
aircraft will have an impenetrable pilot's cabin and
sky marshalls on board in order to deter or stop
skyjackings, then so numerous. But the CEOs of the
airlines deemed that too costly and alQaeda spotted
the vulnerability. Instead of recognizing that it was
our own fault as a nation, the result of our being so
reckless and not learning our skyjacking lessons from
the 70s, we pretended that we did nothing wrong and
instead blew alQaeda into some omnipotent and beastly
monster than can do to us anything it wants anytime,
and indeed will. So a frightened American people
allowed Bush to sent their sons and daughters first to
Afghanistan and then to Iraq, never questioning why we
couldn't deal with the problem quietly through
coordinated intelligence services, eliminating these
crazed assassins, along with all our allies. We were
panicked into thinking that we are at war with a
global force and thus became passive when Bush
declared himself a war president and now demands that
we simply obey instead of questioning. In the
meantime, the neocons who had always gotten their way
by accusing us of "anti-Semitism" if we did not give
them what they want (calling the mass majority of Jews
who don't agree with them "self-hating Jews), turned
to running an "anti-Semetic" campaign of their own,
this one directed at Arabs and Arab-Americans. To this
day they call for abandonment of the Atlantic Alliance
and use the British and French problems with Muslims
to argue for restriction of all Islamics in America
and barring others from entering. European reluctance
to participate in this venture was attributed to
"Islamization" of Europe, made possible by its
"anti-Semitic heredity"!!!! Declaring Europe lost, the
necons called for American unilateralism. They got the
war they wanted, but it did not go their way. Then, in
his second term, Bush, in a fit of arrogance, dumped
all the neocons from power, leaving his administration
as a clear road for a faith-based greed campaign.
Meanwhile bin Laden was not captured, nor was
Zarkawi--not because we couldn't get them but because
if they were destroyed the fear that fuels the Bush
rule would have dissipated and people would have taken
a closer look at what he is doing to our country.

The Bush parallel with the way totalitarian
governments come to power through public panic is
eerie. We are lucky that Bush & Co. are such
incompetents and patriotic middle level government and
military bureaucrats risked their careers to expose
the Bush Administration-- most of these "leakers" were
Conservative Republicans whom the neocons simply
dismissed as "paleocons," dismissing them as
dinosaurs. At the same time, these critics continue to
be slandered as "anti-Semites" and the Jews who form
the mass majority of the neocons' critics are still
called "self-hating Jews." We truly faced a
"Bolshevikoid revolution" based on slander and
deception by the Lenin blueprint.

Another struck of luck for America is that in his
second term Bush threw out all the neocons in a fit of
arrogance. But is it? Now he is left alone to clean up
the mess he permitted them to make. And, at the same
time, all the tricks they pulled to dupe the American
people in his name are coming home to roost. Bush is
floundering trying to avoid admitting that he allowed
so much that is wrong to pass while seeking to regain
public confidence in order to hold on to the Congress
in 2006. His goal is to pay off his 2004 campaign
contributors with business windfall legislation and
he'll do anything that will maintain his Congressional
majority. Yet, so desperate was he to cloak his
mundane helpless permissiveness to the fraud and
recklessness of ambitious incompetent neocons, Cheney
and Rumsfeld in his first term, that he demands muting
of critics and no looking back so that he not be
exposed. Cheney's office in the first term and Rove's
in the second have been running numerous quiet
slanderous whisper campaigns to discredit Bush critics
or outraged insiders that broke free; they still hope
that the greater American public will continue to
settle for speechwriters' pap. Yet, everything Bush,
reading from the prepared speeches, deemed vitally
essential even though costly in blood and treasure, he
is now trying to wrap-up in time for the 2006

Fearful of being targeted, what with everything Rove
has on them, the neocons are quiet. So in essence, the
Ship of State is heading for the reef and most of us
ignorantly watch sit-coms on TV, fat dumb and happy.
For most people, unlike during the Vietnam War, there
is minimum stress over Iraq due to the "ain't my kid
over there" Syndrome. So Bush thinks that if he pulls
out the troops, nobody is going to wonder why they
went there in the first place.

Note how all this relies on cowering those who know
and keeping those who don't know fat, dumb and happy.
And if he gets away with this, he will have done far
worse to this nation than anything he has done before.
For if ignorant other generations may well elect
another like him and find our nation smashed on the

It is therefore, I believe, critical that BOTH Senate
and House elect Democrat majorities, even though I am
a Republican. For only then will there be a calling to
account in endless Congressional investigations before
Bush leaves without a trace. Now, their fate tied to
Bush's, the Congressional Republicans in desperation
have become co-conspirators. But the Abramov
deformation through greed has marked so many of them
that they will surely be wiped off the floor of
Congress in shame. So I can only hope that after the
2006 Congressional election everything will be exposed
and we will all learn HOW it was done. Knowing the
whats and hows is the only way to inoculate our people
against such a catastrophic repeat.

Daniel E. Teodoru

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