Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The 1960s Generation: Bush, Abramoff, binLaden and YOU!

It is rather shocking to realize that just when we
were all carefully taught by the neocons to be leery
of the binLaden Islamic threat to our beloved American
Way of Life, the biggest threat turned out to be named
ABRAMOFF not binLaden, and is not an Arab but a Jew.
binLaden destroyed our fanciest constructions, but
Abramoff worked our biggest construction of all, the
American political system and polluted it so badly
that we are ruled by a cabal that cannot feel
comfortable with its actions, giving America away to
self-styled robber barons, so it seeks to know all of
ours by prying in our privacy. Those of us who
criticize them, they slander in whisper campaigns,
quietly saying with authority:" believe me, I know, I
know everything but can't tell you how."

Of course, Abe Foxman and his ADL will at this point
shout "anti-Semite, anti-Semite," claiming that though
the facts I just accounted are correct, the
"IMPLICATION" is anti-Jewish. He and the ADL are
anti-anti-Semites, but have nothing to say about the
anti-Semitism of Jewish organizations trying to depict
Arabs as vermin that should be exterminated. Well, let
me get my alleged "anti-Semitism" out of the way and
say that Abramoff in no way reflects on the very large
majority of Jews. But then, and here the neocons have
to swallow their words, neither do the deeds of
binLaden reflect on Islam.

Perhaps now is the time for us "Americans" to stop
looking at "others" to explain our nation's
accelerating decline. Neither the traditional
anti-Jewish anti-Semitism (type A) nor the new
anti-Arab Jewish anti-Semitism (type B) that an awful
lot of neocons are espousing in the publications and
media they control, are really at issue. Most crooked
Jews, like most past Jewish Communists, in no way
think of other Jews or Judaism when engaging in their
crooked or hateful ways. If someone came to Abramoff
and urged him to "think of how your larceny will
reflect on the Jewish people" or to binLaden and asked
him to think of the consequences to Arabs from his
terrorism, neither would be in the slightest
inhibited. That Abramoff collaborated with Israel's
Mossad or binLaden with Saddam's intelligence services
here and there in no way reflects on those two
nations. They were, after all, like most criminals,
seeking to be admired as masterminds but to avoid the
outsider disconnection implicit in "outlaw." Criminals
fear the ostricization consequent to their
criminality, so they always spout deceptive pap. But
they never care about those with whom they try to
identify and, consequently, neither is any more a hero
than the Mafia capos are to the Italian-Americans.
These are usually their FIRST victims on their way up.

America's problem is neither anti-Semitism A nor B.
The real problem is the taking for granted of life in
America by an American people accustomed to a media so
desperate for the American people's flitting attention
span in order to hold them through the commercials,
that they assume government is like entertainment:
something done competitively to keep your attention on
through the next campaign commercial. Thus, they pass
judgment on candidates' motivations with near abandon
and no study of the facts. That assumption that
they've got to think of our best interests because we
can later vote them out, is a common crime of
negligence against a citizen's own civic duty in a
democracy. For, it is a fact that the government
leaders reflect the common man in a democratic
society, including the self-centeredness. Looking at
Mr. Bush as one of us, I would say that the 1960s
generation-- of which he is a totally templated
stereotype-- proved to be made of the brown stuff that
you look back onto only once and then flush away.

Yes folks, Abramoff was able to do what he did, NOT
because of the help and support of the American Jews;
and binLaden was able to do what he did NOT because of
the American Islamics. Both were seen by their fellows
as unsavory characters. But to Americans as a whole,
such people are, like the ENRON embezzlers, folk
heroes because they so wonderfully, for so long, and
so richly, beat the system. Of course, the real
victims are left out of the heroic tale. We are not
told of those who put their faith and their future in
these guys hands. Yet, we admire Abramov for his
smarts binLaden for his determination, and cheer Bush
for his resolve as he goes after "dem Ismaiiks" or the
Justice Dept. as it goes after them Jewish shysters
like Abramov.

All this is horrible when you stop to think about it,
but it is not new. Ours is not the first civilization
to herald its demise with news of what's going on
around us seen as entertainment to hold us through the
next commercial. The real criminal of our times is the
average American who exercises his responsibility as a
voter with the same reckless abandon as he would
driving stone drunk on a busy highway. Mr. Abramoff
gamed, not the system, but each and every average
American, like so many others. He knew that our evil
side was indeed exploitable; by the way, so did
binLaden. He knew that fear would get us to kill
Islamics with abandon, forcing survivors to stand with
his cause in revenge. Yes, they indeed counted on us
to pick on the roots of their roots instead of them
because these people are so much more accessible than
they are. For example, the press feared to admit it,
but Abramoff came to court to plead guilty in his
black Orthodox Fedora and trench coat to make his
Jewish lineage an issue. Those that go for it are the
last bunch of morons he swindles. He is no more Jewish
that a chimp in a Fedora. He is now only part of a
select element of society: CRIMINAL, period.

The links of ENRON and Abramoff coming together at the
White House will, step by step, provide a moral lesson
for Americans. For none of the immoral steps of the
swindler Abramoff or the terrorist binLaden or the
crooked politicians who will join the Abromoff
chain-gang, could have done it if the American voters
had chosen to think of themselves as anything other
than unfortunates born "mentally challenged." So the
voter simply dismisses the complex issues under
debate; "it's too complicated for me, I'm a busy man!"
Any level of political vigilance by an attentive
electorate would have nipped both Abramoff's swindle
crimes and binLaden's terror crimes in the bud. But
only politicians were watching; and they are
"professionals," asking: "where's my cut?"

In fact, in 2004 we did not put our trust in GW Bush
and the Republican Party, we put it in those who
looked like they had the most pat solution and the
most entertaining National Convention and commercials.
A whole class of "pros" lives off dreaming up those
ads for us dummies. And, besides, attributing your
faith in him, GW Bush, because of his faith in Him,
Jesus Christ, seems like the easiest slide out of
responsibility for your children's future. OUR
children-- now no longer draftees but patriotic
volunteers-- are dying in Iraq inadequately armored,
and yet we do not question our "war president" when he
tells us that God told him to go after Saddam and that
the real Bush Doc tine is simply, "following what my
gut tells me." Usually, when someone explains his
actions as, "God told me to do it," we medicate him as
a schizophrenic hearing voices and watch him so that
he doesn't hurt himself. And when someone tells us
that he hears his gut talking, we usually assume that
he needs Kaopectate to quiet the rumble and not have
to leave the Orange Ball TV transmission in the last
quarter. But in the case of Bush, we accepted his
explanations because "ain't my kid goin' to Iiraq" and
if God and his gut agree: who am I to challenge him?
At least, we tell ourselves, we elected a man who can
quiet those fears engendered in us by repeated sight
of those airplanes hitting the Twin Towers; and now,
thanks to GW Bush, the "war president," I can wolf
down my giant hero sandwich in peace.

We are a living example of the Roman Empire, raising
to absolute dictators emperors who were insane or
idiots. Can you blame Abramoff or binLaden for
thinking: this is my moment to get mine?

Yes, 1960s persons, we are all wrinkled and hairless
but all we want is the good life of walrus on the
beach. We followed Jerry Rubin in the '60s and never
looked back, though later, as a Wall Street
stockbroker, he insisted that all he was doing was
"goofing." So, therefore, is it no wonder that in our
60s we follow a goof who is hearing voices and
listening to his farts?

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At 7:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Imminent Danger in the world and especially in America is that we will be foolish enough to fall for the ideologies of those who would choose the rule the world and take all others out. The muslim world seems to have the same problem with a different set of "goofies".

So, where did all the goofies come from and why?

It's crap for people with brains because they don't seem to land in D.C. main offices.

Great Post


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