Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bush = Baby Doc

Those who don't stand for something will fall for anything.
A Nation Under Siege by Liars and Law Breakers in the White House


Over the New Year's weekend, the Busheviks tried another rope-a-dope to
get them off the mat. This time they brazenly decided leaks were once
again harmful to the United States.

It's odd, because the Bush White House leaks all the time to spin things
their way. That's why the Washington Post and New York Times are always
quoting anonymous sources in the Bush Administration. They even
sometimes leak pro-administration propaganda saying they have to be
anonymous because they are not supposed to leak!

And Bush certainly didn't think his closest aides outing a CIA operative
specializing in tracking the illicit sales of WMDs was important. He's
still defending those leakers.

But if you leak information to the press that proves beyond a reasonable
doubt that Bush broke the law, then you are a leaker who needs to be
summarily investigated and prosecuted. So, it's not the president who
violates the law who is to be investigated and charged; it's a witness
to the crime!

And we have to tragically laugh when Bush tosses out the totally
fallacious notion (at the urging of Mr. Rove) that whoever leaked the
story about the illegal NSA wiretaps was alerting the enemy and
assisting them. This is so post-9/11 fear mongering redux.

How does he get away with it?

Because the Dems in Congress, with few exceptions, don't know how to
voice sustained outrage and demand the rule of law apply to Bush. When
we say demand, we don't mean to politely ask the radical mob enforcers,
Frist and DeLay, to investigate the crime. It's like putting Al Capone
in charge of seeing who carried out a mob hit.

But back to the blatant absurdity of Bush's public relations lie. Does
one really think that Al-Qaeda members would not assume that the
Busheviks would try and listen into their conversations? After all, the
Busheviks had the right to eavesdrop under the FISA Court; all they had
to do was ask. Al-Qaeda members knew this; Americans knew this; everyone
knew this.

Bush didn't do anything that everyone -- including potential terrorists
-- knew he could do with FISA approval. He just did it illegally.

So, there is no truth whatsover to the leak about Bush's lawbreaking
endangering the national security.

The only people it endangered were Bush, Andrew Card, and Alberto
Gonazles -- the latter two who went to John Ashcroft's hospital bed to
get him to agree to the illegal wiretapping, after the number two person
in the Department of Justice balked because he knew that Bush was
engaging in illegal activity.

So, now, Gonzales, who was an accomplice to the crime, is in charge of
finding out who ratted on him.

And they call this justice!

It's a shameful violation of the Constitution and degrading to America
to have such thugs running the nation. They believe that they can commit
crimes with impunity and intimidate the witnesses.

Just ask Joe Wilson and countless others.

This has happened so many times before, it's a bit tiring to see the
Mafia dons still running the town and shooting down witnesses to their

But, in the absence of a sustained and unrelenting "push back" on behalf
of truth, justice, and accountability from the Democratic leadership,
many -- if not most -- Americans will believe the Bush lies that they
hear blaring from their television sets.

It's that simple. He may get away with breaking the law, again.

To those Democratic leaders who "cower in politically-calculated
caution" based on the notion that Bush has the bully pulpit and that
they can't change American public opinion by proclaiming the truth until
the lies are buried in the rubble of Bushevism, we say remember that
Newt Gingrich turned Congress from Democratic to Republican under a
Democratic president.

And Gingrich grabbed onto two media messages like a junkyard dog; 1) He
alleged that the Democrats in Congress were corrupt; and 2) He ran a
national campaign (not 435 separate campaigns), based on a phony
"Contract With America" that was fashioned by polling and focus groups
conducted primarily by Frank Luntz.

The Democrats don't even need to allege that the Republicans in Congress
are corrupt; the GOP Capitol Hill Corruption is oozing out of the
Capitol Dome. Most of the Democratic "leaders," like the hapless Joe
Biden on a recent Sunday morning pundit fest discussing Tom DeLay, claim
they don't know much about it. The abundant and corrosive Republican
corruption has been given to the Democrats lying on a platter. All they
have to do is start carving the turkey up.

And then you have Bush as a chronic, daily liar who threatens, not
increases, the national security of the United States. And senate
leaders like Kerry and Clinton think that you can criticize a bit and
then quibble at the margins. This is not a formula for seizing the
hearts and minds of Americans and alerting them to the truth.

As for a Democratic Contract with America, if you went out there today
with focus groups and polls, we could assure you that a promise to end
corporate corruption, a promise to uphold the privacy and liberties of
Americans, a promise to run the government with integrity, a promise to
effectively defend America from terrorism by rejoining the world
community and an accelerated withdrawal from Iraq combined with a
strategy for not creating more terrorists....well, that these among
others, trumpeted far and wide across America, would beat back the bully
pulpit of the lying "Baby Doc."

You can't just make mild criticisms when you have a criminal running a
Constitutional government. You have to act like it is outrageous and
unacceptable; you have to create a groundswell of passion for the law
that will roll like a tidal wave across the land.

It's not a dream; it's not an impossibility.

Newt Gingrich took back the House in just this way -- and he was running
on bunkum.

The Democrats have a criminal in the White House -- surrounded by
accomplices -- and the Democrats have truth, justice and the
Constitution on their side.

Like the lion in the "Wizard of Oz," all they need is courage.



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