Friday, January 27, 2006

pull on this tread

The following is a thread to pull on that may unravel the past three rigged elections: 2000, 2002 2004. Remember, the Republicans are known as the Party of Dirty Tricks because of activities during the Nixon Administration. This goes back to some of the same actors in the effort to circumvent representative democracy.
UPDATED 1/26 5:48 p.m.: Convicted of 23 felonies for computer crimes(1), Jeffrey Dean was sent to prison for four years. Shortly after his release from incarceration, his company was awarded a massive ballot printing contract.

In a 2003 deposition, Dean says he was a scapegoat(2), left holding the bag in a series of unapproved payments from the politically connected Culp, Guterson & Grader law firm.

One of this firm's partners at the time was Egil "Bud" Krogh, who headed the White House "plumbers" unit under Richard Nixon. Krogh, who was made a partner of Culp Guterson & Grader in 1984, ordered a burglary of private documents from Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg during the Nixon administration.(3)

During an investigation of Dean's assets in unrelated litigation (2003),(4) he claimed that other persons from Culp Guterson & Grader were involved in a scheme,(5) and upon discovery of illicit payments (averaging $14,000/month)(6) he was made to take the blame.

Jeffrey Dean has told many conflicting stories about his legal troubles, and we are unaware of any evidence that anyone at Culp Guterson & Grader was in fact involved. Black Box Voting is looking into Dean's circle of contacts because of his meteoric rise as an insider in U.S. elections immediately after getting out of prison -- gaining lucrative government contracts from King County (WA) and British Columbia that would certainly be facilitated by political clout.

One of the characters in Dean's perimeter was Bud Krogh. He was made partner of Culp, Guterson & Grader in 1984 -- some accounts say 1980 -- and reportedly became a managing partner of the firm at some point. The period while Dean was receiving illicit payments was 1985 through 1987.

Like Jeffrey Dean, Krogh did time in prison -- four months for Watergate-related crimes. He was disbarred, but after a fight from a Culp Guterson & Grader attorney, his credentials were restored. At the time, the firm was called "Culp Dwyer Guterson & Grader." Black Box Voting is not aware of any evidence that Krogh managed Jeffrey Dean or that he has been involved in anything inappropriate since Watergate, however.

'He [Krogh] was hired on the merits of his character, intelligence and skills as a lawyer,'' said William L. Dwyer, the firm's senior partner, who had represented Mr. Krogh in his disbarment fight. Dwyer became a U.S. district judge. (According to the New York Times, July 13, 1986 "The Success of the President's Men")

Another attorney for King County-based Culp Guterson & Grader was a former King County deputy prosecutor and had been legal counsel for a King County mayor. With such egregious infractions against a politically connected King County firm, it is surprising that an embezzler of Culp Guterson & Grader would become a key insider for the King County ballot printing, absentee handling and voting system programming -- especially since Culp Guterson & Grader was seeking restitution from him at the time.

This would be a comedy if it wasn't so serious: While the King County prosecutor was supposedly seeking Jeffrey Dean for failure to make restitution, Dean was working in the same building programming voting systems. One wonders how often Dean shared the elevator with those who were seeking him, and why no one at Culp Guterson & Grader nudged any of their friends in King County politics to go take a look at the 1992 Seattle Times article about Jeffrey Dean's conviction on 23 counts of theft.


Jeffrey Dean was released from prison in Aug. 1995. Not long afterward, a company owned by his wife (but run by Jeffrey Dean) was awarded a massive ballot-printing contract and lucrative election-programming deals that ultimately made the Deans millionaires. In SEC documents, this company (Spectrum Print & Mail Ltd.) lists assets located in the Seattle area, British Columbia, San Francisco and in the Norwalk (CA) location that houses the Los Angeles County Elections Division.(7)

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