Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Reasonable analysys and prediction

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reasons given in public plea agreements and court filings.

Instead of truth-seeking, what we are seeing is something akin to
Watergate, where the President was brought down on secondary charges --
which were perhaps somewhat trumped up -- while evidence of the most
serious crimes of state were left inside classified files. There are a
couple reasons why that's the practice in dealing with the offenses of
high officials:

1) The power elites, like Col. Jessup, the Jack Nicholson character in A
Few Good Men, truly believe, "You can't handle the truth! Son, we live
in a world that has walls. And those walls have to be guarded by men
with guns. Who's gonna do it? You?". In other words, the public
tribunals that are set up to judge the transgressions of the warriors
aren't qualified or equipped to understand what is really done in the
name of the national security and commercial interest. Men like Abramoff
are warriors, of a sort, in the half-hidden world of political dirty
tricks and international influence peddling that increasingly dominates
the American political process and our economy.

2) A detailed public accounting of the worst crimes would violate the
prohibition against revealing the "methods and sources" of intelligence
agencies. The fact is that at the top, almost everything is monitored
and there really are very few secrets that go unnoted by multiple spy
agencies, both domestic and foreign, governmental and private sector.
These means of information collection are largely illegal and rely on
deception by trusted insiders. No prosecution, even of renegade White
House advisors involved in espionage and a conspiracy against the
interests of the United States -- I refer here to the Iraq WMD
subtrafuge, the OSP-AIPAC spy case, and the Plame outing -- is worth
revealing and dismantling this network of informants and double-agents.

So, instead, we get surrogate scandals -- the SunCruz and Indian tribes
prosecutions of Abramoff, and the "post-9/11" warrantless surveillance
of US persons suspected of ties to al-Qaeda -- that only partially
reveal the larger crimes. In the end the worst miscreants -- the ones
who stupidly threaten the legitimacy of the system -- are brought down,
but the truth remains mostly concealed.



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