Tuesday, January 31, 2006

this was sent to DNC

Dear Dems,
Please post the following announcement for the
NJVETCAUCUS that had come into existence to elect Gov.

NJVet Caucus


If you fight for your country once, you can never
stop. America as a democracy and as a safe, prosperous
and moral nation is now very much at risk. The
election of GW Bush is more of a threat to America's
future than binLaden because President Bush seeks to
govern with his eyes closed. He also makes policies
with his mind closed. He is therefore running on
EMPTY...How long can he keep going that way without
wrecking what the Founding fathers and all the heroes
that followed painstakingly built for us?

We have Democrats, Republicans and Independents who
did their duty as Americans and thus did their
homework. We studied long and hard how America could
have gotten in the mess it is now in.

Above all else we realized that while power corrupts,

Whatever our political part affiliation, each and
everyone of us is dedicated to fighting the good fight
to-- at the very least-- win one House of Congress for
the Democratic Party. That is the only way in which
the corruption can be stopped, the viciousness can be
ended and the constructive bi-partisanship can begin.

When an Iraq War Veteran took on Mr. Bush as the
Democratic candidate for Congress in a solid
Republican district of rural Ohio he almost won. That
is because he was not mincing words. He was fighting
Rove lies the way he fought terrorists in Iraq: WITH

We are ready to go and make the case that Iraq Vet
started. We must make sure that by November all
Americans enter the voting booth knowledgeable on the
policies that so endangered America. We will travel
and we will make the case.

Because we believe in MEANINGFUL DIALOG, we prefer to
debate. But we are also ready to explain to anyone why
the Democrats must win at least one House of Congress
in 2006.

Try us, invite us to address your group or to debate
your local Republican friends. Now is the time to
focus on issues, before the focus on candidates. If
you need reinforcements call on us. We have arguments
and will travel!

write to us at:


and check out our BLOG at:


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