Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Veterans March

Department of Veterans Affairs "Status" in State of the Union Addresses

Over the past two decades since the VA was elevated to Cabinet Level, the American people have not received any information on the State of this Department.

 For some unknown reason, information regarding this cabinet level function has NEVER been included in any State of the Union Address.

 The American people are entitled to know the condition of this very important department.

Why not mention the VA Department’s administration of their veterans, especially during a time when our Armed Forces are at war?


Since the VA Department is not incorporated into the President’s State of the Union Address, please visit “Operation Firing for Effect” and the Veterans March for the latest State of Affairs on our veterans and the VA Department’s administration over them:


The Veterans March 2006
"Operation Firing for Effect"

 “Support Your Troops by Supporting this March


American Citizens,


Please visit:   http://www.VetMarch2006.com    


Note that the videos on this web page show how our troops must fight to get benefits that the government promised them when they joined the military.


I would like people to see that veterans do not have support from the lawmakers in Washington D.C. when it comes time to provide promised health care and other benefits.


As you will read, on the below web page links, every year the Veteran Department does not have enough money to properly budget for our military veterans and it’s always an issue in Congress, each and every year.


Disabled veterans that become more disabled, i.e. 50% to 100% should receive the extra disability benefit within a few months because they can no longer work and support their families, but the government may take years to approve the funds for these individuals, some never get approved because they have died awaiting for a “piece of paper”  and these benefits should have been approved within a few months but instead lawmakers save money by taking their time approving these disability claims because many of these veterans die in the meantime. 


Additionally, the VA will not approve many of the claims even though they are legitimate claims with legitimate justifications.    



I would like individuals to write, email or call their elected officials and asked that legislation for “Mandatory Funding for VA Health Care” be enacted and that all benefits that are promised to our Troops are giving to them when the time comes for them to receive them.







MSgt James T. North         

U.S. Marines, Retired

Retained, Fleet Marine Corps Reserve

Category II, Deployable

Cell 586 909-5971


Webmaster:  www.vetmarch2006.com

   In order for us to get the word out on the broadcast media, we need to generate funds!

It costs thousands of dollars to organize and broadcast this event. We are asking for a $10.00 donation from individuals and larger donations from organizations to help us defray the costs of this mission.  Please submit donations as soon as possible.  See www.vetmarch2006.com for donation details.


All donations are tax deductible.


Please pass this email along…



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