Thursday, February 09, 2006

I'm trying to like him...but it's so hard!!!

It seems rather impressive that Vice President Cheney
had the guts, given his health and the security risks,
to go to Iraq and engage troops in a round-table.

One marine put to him a question based on the narrow
perspective of a soldier in the field-- a perspective
we should all be mindful of when we seek their views
of the war, after all, a soldiers job is not to look
around but to focus on the enemy: "From our
perspective we don't see much as far as gains. We're
looking at small-picture stuff, not many gains. I was
wondering what it looks like from the big side of the
mountain-- how Iraq's looking?"

Cheney made an interesting response, one I hope we'll
all eventually agree with: "I think when we look back
from ten years here, we'll see the year '05 was in
fact a watershed year here in Iraq."

But then Cheney could not stop being Cheney and so
could not leave it at that, not even out of respect
for the soldiers in the combat zone that he was
visiting. He added: "It's hard to tell that [things
are going well] from watching the news. But I guess we
don't pay much attention to the news." Au contraire,
Mr, VP, for on the same day, your boss, the Pres, was
telling Americans what Cheney had made his mantra,
that "bad news" was demoralizing the troops in the
field. You can't have it both ways-- or maybe,
uniquely, the Bush Administration insists that it can.
Such sleazy working both sides of the street in
opposite directions seems to have become a perpetual
campaign mode for this administration, following the
scripts written by Lenin-oid neocon speechwriters.

But Cheney couldn't leave it at that. He had far, far
lower to go. He seized on this occasion to deliver an
oblique hit at Congressman Murtha who, based on what
was told him privately by field commanders,
recommended an American pullout of Iraq. Perhaps
Cheney forgot that he was not amongst the typical
chicken-hawk-safe-at-home-type patriots he usually
speaks to, because he borrowed a line a junior
White-Trash Congresswoman (she later was made to
retract it) leveled at Vietnam War volunteer Murtha,
saying: "We're in this fight to win. These colors
don't run." Appropriately, per the Associated Press
witnessing the event, in reaction,"the only sound was
a lone whistle."

What's this "we're" business, Mr. Cheney? You were
also a chicken-hawk on Vietnam but managed to stay out
of it through five deferments because, according to
you, you "had other priorities." Well, perhaps the
soldiers in Iraq-- on average five years older than in
Vietnam-- also have other priorities rather than
stuffing the coffers of Hallibuton-- your company--
with dubiously acquired payoffs and possible war
profiteering. As far as colors running, a lot of green
has disappeared through Hallibuton's contracts at the
cost of the red of the blood of soldiers who stood
their ground.

Of course, to Cheney Iraq is just a battlefield, not a
country, contrary to all that he says about, "the
Iraqis." For he flew in without even notifying the
Iraqi government. The President and Prime Minister
were totally surprised. But they don't count in the
Cheney's Hallibuton boondoggle.

Cheney, Rumsfeld and the neocons took the Iraq War all
to themselves. As a result many a life and limb were
lost to their utter incompetence. But none of them
cared. For Iraq was their chance to get a testosterone
boost trying to go from Chicken-hawk to big rooster.
Nevertheless, what we got was birdbrain talk. Too bad
they intimidated Bush into keeping them on in the
second term. He just might have salvaged his
presidency sticking to Condi Rice and Ambassador
Kahlilzad in Baghdad.

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