Saturday, February 11, 2006

In case you forgot

• Cooked Iraq intelligence.
• Bungled the occupation.
• Torture: "We don't torture."
• Still haven't got bin Laden.
• Cheney and Halliburton: Hogs at the Trough.
Terror, terrorist, terorism
• Almost every civilized nation signed Kyoto Protocol. Almost.
• Connecting Saddam with 9/11. Then denying it. Then connecting him again.
• Killer pretzel trumps Carter's killer rabbit.
• Generating more terrorists.
• Remember the "Road Map to Peace?"
• Muslims hate us. More.
• Censoring impolitic science.
• Abramoff.
• Libby/Plamegate.
• Weapons of mass destruction: Remember North Korea and Iran?
• Election fraud: Florida certainly, Ohio probably.
• Clinton surplus becomes record deficit. This, from a conservative?
• Trade deficit, too.
Terrorist, terror
• "Heckuva job, Brownie." "Too many OB-GYNs are not able to practice
their love with women all across this country."
• Attack on public broadcasting.
• Running our Army into the ground--then proposing to cut the Reserve.
• Lack of body/vehicle armor. Tanks? No thanks.
• Swiftboating Kerry, slandering McCain.
• Flying the Air National Guard service record under the radar.
• Cutting veterans' benefits.
Terrorists, terror
• Cutting programs for the poor.
• Cutting taxes for the rich.
• Declining real wages.
• Katrina, I hardly knew ya.
• Democracy for everybody--except for our allies, e.g. Saudi Arabia.
• China's got our dollars.
Saddam bin Laden
• Exploitation of Terri Schiavo.
• Inflating Social Security funding crisis.
• Proposing Social Security plan that does nothing to address said
Social Security funding crisis.
• Medicare mess, messing with Medicare.
• Poor people with no health insurance. Poor people who work two or
three jobs.
• No child left behind. No child funded, either.
• Pssst! Wanna buy a forest?
• A ranch whose main product is brush.
• A Chief of Staff named "Turdblossom."
• Polarized Congress, polarized nation.
• Cheney's daughter is out of the closet. Cheney and the big oil meeting
Terror terrorist
• NSA surveillance and that wacky Fourth Amendment.
• DOD surveillance of dangerous groups. Like Quakers. Vegans, you're next.
• And a 1984 nation: "WAR IS PEACE." "IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH"
Terror terror terror

Mission accomplished.


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