Friday, February 10, 2006

Just sent this to the Ledger

ASSEMBLY, No. 2448



INTRODUCED FEBRUARY 6, 2006, sponsored by: Assemblyman RICHARD A. MERKT,
District 25 (Morris) is an abomination that belongs in history’s
dustbin. The bill demands all elections to be conducted electronically.
While legislatures around the country are demanding accountable voting,
this legislation demands a system that cannot be verified. There have
been several demonstrations indicating how the vote can be corrupted on
electronic tabulators. The source code for these electronic voting
machines is secret and private, thus rendering them moot in a free, fair
and public election. The day privatized elections become the rule is the
day democracy gasps its last breath. Anyone who supports this
legislation is obviously working toward totalitarian ends. Call me an
old fashioned conservative, but I prefer elections where all the votes
are counted and verified and open for public scrutiny. Free and fair
elections are the bedrock upon which this nation is founded. Anything
short of that puts us in league with the likes of Stalin and Saddam
Barry Sussman


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