Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Just wondering

Things that SHOULD make Republican voters go 'Hmmmmm' ...

Edited on Mon Mar-27-06 05:20 PM by EarlG
Do you ever wonder why, when there is some question of wrong-doing on
the part of the president, he always tries to thwart any investigation
into his actions? If he were innocent of anything untoward, wouldn't a
transparent investigation serve to vindicate him and prove his
detractors wrong?

Do you ever wonder why it's the Republicans who insist on using Diebold
machines, when they've been proven to be easily hackable and
consistently show faulty results that favour the Republican candidates?
Do you ever think that if your party was fair and honest, they would
insist on using machines that ensured an accurate vote count?

Cheney, who is still on the Halliburton payroll, keeps saying that he
has 'earmarked' those earnings for charity in the future. Do you ever
think about why he doesn't just donate the money now?

Do you ever wonder where your tax dollars have gone, when you hear that
the national debt is now at $9 Trillion dollars, and all you see is the
cutting of funding to health needs, education, transportation systems,
etc., instead of the expansion of any of those things?

Do you ever wonder why Bill Frist is still being described as a 'GOP
presidential hopeful', when he's under investigation for stock fraud and
charitable donation fraud? Do you ever think that if your party had
ANYONE to run who is NOT likely to be indicted on one charge or another,
they'd be touting him as the likely candidate?

Do you ever wonder why the Noble Cause we're fighting for in Iraq keeps
changing from week to week? Do you ever think that if that cause was
something clear-cut and truthful, Bush could have told Cindy Sheehan
what it was, and saved himself a lot of bad publicity?

Do you ever wonder why your president keeps telling you how engaged he
is in the running of the country, while at the same time he keeps
referring to things 'he didn't know anything about', like the Dubai
ports deal?

Do you ever wonder why your president has degrees from Harvard and Yale,
but he can't speak for more than two minutes without annihilating the
English language? Do you ever think about why, if he's so smart, he
failed at every business venture he was ever involved in? Do you look at
the national debt and wonder if there isn't some 'fuzzy math' at play here?

Do you ever wonder why your president constantly talks about being
pro-life, when he gleefully executed people as the Governor of Texas,
and laughed about the fact on national television during the 2000 primaries?

Do you ever wonder why your president and his administration hold
themselves out to be 'good Christians', while they embrace torture,
rendition, and secret prisons?

Do you ever wonder why your self-proclaimed born-again Christian
president took an oath, on the holy Bible, to uphold the Constitution,
but then says he is not bound by the laws set out in that same document?

Do you ever wonder why your elected officials do their utmost to protect
the unborn, but do nothing to improve the lives of the already-born?

Do you ever wonder why your elected officials say they are representing
your best interests, when they support laws that put the interests of
Big Oil, Big Pharma, and Big Business above your interests every time?

Do you ever wonder why your elected officials are stuffing their own
pockets with Abramoff money, while at the same time they're swearing
they never even met the man?

Do you ever wonder why your elected officials are always scolding you
about living within your means, while they vote themselves raises every
time the cost of living goes up? Do you ever think about all of the
extended trips they take to exotic places on your dime, to discuss how
bad things are back home?

Do you ever wonder why your party members invariably respond to
legitimate questions about their policies by attacking the person who
had the temerity to pose the question? Do you ever think that maybe
their policies are indefensible, and that's why they consistently resort
to that tactic?

Do you ever wonder why there are millions upon millions of easily
accessible records of those who have served in the military, and the
only records that have ever gone missing are the ones that would prove
your president's assertion that he actually fulfilled his military
service requirements?

Do you ever wonder why you, a United States resident, have to pay every
penny of your taxes or face dire consequences, while thousands of
profitable corporations legally duck paying theirs simply by having a
Bahamian post office box listed as their 'headquarters'?

Do you ever wonder why Bush and Cheney admitted, albeit reluctantly,
that Saddam Hussein and Iraq had nothing to do with the September 11th
attacks, but keep right on linking the two every chance they get?

Do you ever wonder why a guy named 'Curveball' was given total
credibility in the lead-up to the Iraq invasion, while experienced
intelligence analysts were dismissed as 'nutballs'?

Do you ever wonder why your president and your elected officials
constantly tell you that the outsourcing your job is GOOD for the
country? Did you ever think to ask them to explain actually how that works?

Do you ever wonder why?

Do you ever?

Do you?

Just wonderin' ...
why we thought Joe McCarthy died in 1957.


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