Friday, March 31, 2006

Thanks for the Memories

Hey, Fellow Americans, REMEMBER WHEN ...? Updated at 12:04 AM

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REMEMBER WHEN you displayed your flag on the front porch on the 4th of
July, and you didn't have to worry about whether it would be
misinterpreted as support for a corrupt president and his administration?

REMEMBER WHEN 'Support the Troops' meant equipping our military with
everything necessary for battle, instead of just being a catchy phrase
that looked good on a bumper-sticker?

REMEMBER WHEN your tax dollars paid for things like improved education
and social programs, instead of making Halliburton shareholders

REMEMBER WHEN you watched movies about WWII, and it was the enemy who
tortured captured American soldiers, instead of American soldiers
torturing the people they'd allegedly 'liberated'?

REMEMBER WHEN you heard something on the TV news or read something in a
newspaper, and you didn't have to go to the internet to find out just
how much of it was fact, and how much of it was 'spin'?

REMEMBER WHEN a politician was caught with his hand in the cookie jar
and he resigned in disgrace, instead of excusing his own behaviour by
claiming that his political opponents were equally as guilty of wrongdoing?

REMEMBER WHEN 'Made in the USA' labels on products were the norm, and
not a total oddity?

REMEMBER WHEN 'Made in the USA' labels were actually made in the USA?

REMEMBER WHEN you hitchhiked through Europe as a teenager, and you
DIDN'T have to replace the American flag on your knapsack with a
Canadian flag in order to be a welcomed guest in a foreign country?

REMEMBER WHEN organized crime figures had to make phone calls from the
corner phone booth, because they were the only people who had to worry
about wire-taps?

REMEMBER WHEN you were considered to be a worker of value because you
were an American with a good work ethic, and not because you were a
Pakistani or an Indian who would do the same job 'on the cheap'?

REMEMBER WHEN telling a fellow politician on the floor of the House to
'go f*ck himself' was considered behaviour unbecoming an elected
official, instead of being accepted as the way a Vice President behaves

REMEMBER WHEN you could pretty well count on the fact that if the
president said it, it was based on sound intelligence and was probably true?

REMEMBER WHEN your president spoke in public, and his words weren't the
punch-line to late night TV-show jokes?

REMEMBER WHEN you could rely on your elected representatives to put your
interests ahead of the corporations that filled their campaign coffers,
or the lobbyists who gave them great basketball tickets?

REMEMBER WHEN you didn't even KNOW what religion the people you voted
for were, because it didn't really matter? Remember when you didn't know
what party your neighbour belonged to, because that didn't really matter

REMEMBER WHEN the pension you'd worked for your whole life wasn't in
danger of being wiped out by corrupt CEOs, assisted by respected
accounting firms that made that corruption almost impossible to detect?

REMEMBER WHEN you could brag that as an American, you were guaranteed
things like free speech and due process of law, without checking the
nightly news to see whether those rights were still in effect?

REMEMBER WHEN the president upheld the law of the land, instead of
coming up with 'legal loopholes' to support the idea that he's above the

REMEMBER WHEN you could say, "I'm a proud American," without qualifying
it with a list of all of the things your government is doing that you're
not exactly proud of?

REMEMBER WHEN you saw news stories about people so poor they had to beg
on the streets in order to feed their children, and you shook your head
in disgust and thought, "What kind of uncivilized country would allow
that to happen," because it wasn't your own country?

REMEMBER WHEN you actually thought that the people in charge of running
your country were smarter than you were?

REMEMBER WHEN your parents worked all their lives to ensure you a better
life, instead of worrying about how bad the life they'd be leaving their
children might be?

REMEMBER WHEN the importance of clean drinking water and breathable air
were unquestionable mandates, and not some crazy hippie agenda to be
weighed against corporate profits?

REMEMBER WHEN questioning your government's policies was seen as
'participating in the process', and not 'giving aid and comfort to the

REMEMBER WHEN the 'enemy' was a country or military force that posed a
threat to American democracy, and not a nation of innocent civilians who
whose destruction was dismissible as 'collateral damage'?

REMEMBER WHEN your country went to war based on facts beforehand,
instead of constantly-changing suppositions after-the-fact?

REMEMBER WHEN 'patriotism' was judged by your words and actions, and not
by whether you were a member of the party currently in power?

REMEMBER WHEN the 'American Dream' was attainable through diligence and
hard work, and not the luck of the 'outsourcing' draw?

REMEMBER WHEN profitable corporations were content with simple tax
dodges, and didn't have to have government subsidies as part of the bargain?

REMEMBER WHEN incredibly wealthy Americans bragged about their
philanthropic work, instead of bragging about their tax cuts?

REMEMBER WHEN you went to the polls and voted, and didn't have to rush
home and watch the news in order to find out if your vote was counted?

REMEMBER WHEN the election of a president was considered the result of
democracy in action, and not the result of Diebold executives doing the
job they were expected to do?

REMEMBER WHEN you sang 'God Bless America' as a kid, and never thought
you'd grow up to wonder if, in view of your country's actions, asking
God's blessing was asking a bit too much?

I REMEMBER WHEN ... and I wonder if these ideas will become ancient
history by the time those of us old enough to recall them are dead and gone.

You might want to print this, and pass it down to your children. It
could be worth a fair buck on 'Antiques Roadshow' someday - an odd
document that can't be verified as authentic, because the memories it
conjures up are just too bizarre to be accepted as ever having been fact.


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At 1:56 PM, Blogger soma taha said...

I like it when people come together and share ideas.


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