Thursday, April 27, 2006

Fighting mediocre faces and anti-Semitism to save America

The "fasces" from which "Fascism" draws its name are
by definition weak reeds that can not resist pressure
and snap. They are defined as weak and mediocre when
standing alone. But, the theory goes, if you tie the
mediocre fasces tightly together, they form a strong
entity that cannot be broken. My opposition to the
Bush Administration-- after supporting Bush's campaign
for the Presidency in 2000, heart and soul-- came,
particularly at the spectacle of the 2004 Republican
Presidential Convention (just compare it with the
"diversity" Convention in 2000, when I realized that
the weak and mediocre Fasces-- most of whom played GI
Joe, but like Cheney, but when came time to answer the
nation's call, put on a uniform and fight, chose the
deferment path because they "had other priorities"--
had been tightly twined together into what might
solidify even in America into Fascism, ie., the rule
of the tightly disciplined mediocres. The other Nazi
like trait, besides big lies and pre-emption, that I
noticed was corruption and war profiteering. We are
now awash in all of this. The only element yet to
appear is scapegoating of the Jews. And with full
frustration of our Mideast polices, I worry that-- as
the Roman Catholic moralists break away from the
Fundamentalist Christian Right (aroused by their
humanitarian instinct and sense of Christian
charity)-- the fundamentalist "Christian" shysters
will not be able to resist the easy explanation for
why their imaginary self-made prophecies came to
naught-- the Jews betrayed us!

There's lots of hallucinogenic gris for their mill.
After all, a very few of Jewish origin who recently
suffered a sudden surge of testosterone (no other
surepticious plot involved), making them insanely
aggressive, and the assumption that "my ticket came
in"-- as they weal and deal all sorts of political
corruption in Wash DC-- have made themselves
conspicuous claiming to speak for all but
"self-hating" Jews through the Conservative media
organs they bought for 5c on the dollar when the Cold
War ended and corporate funding of anti-Communism
dried up. The media eclipsed the fact that these
"neocons" speak for a very tinny proportion of the
American Jews, 85% of whom voted for Kerry in 2004.

But some, not all, neocons seem to want this
scapegoating in order to force most Jews to immigrate
to Israel in fear of anti-Semitism in America; most
Jews but not themselves, that is-- they buying up
villas, as Richard Perle did, in southern France, the
nation they denounce as the most "anti-Semitic" in the

As American confidence in Bush declines because he
lacks the wherewithal to rid himself of Cheney and
Rumsfeld, as he did with the neocons (Bolten is Jewish
but no way a neocon), the masters of the cultish
Christian Yahoos will find blaming the Jews
irresistible in order to protect their tax-free cash
fiefdoms. Well, it's a free country, and if
Fundamentalist Christians choose to put 10% of their
earnings into crooked operations like those by now
notorious, I can't say anything. But as one who was
literally raised by Jews and owe them much of my
education-- indeed, they have been the keepers of our
Western culture-- I will not stand idle and let the
Fasces become a fascist regime threatening them. Nor
will I allow the neocons in their crazy
alliance-of-convenience to bring about any danger to
America's Jews.

So let me declare openly, that I am determined to go
down with the democratic ship, if need be. I will
fight the Fasces tooth and nail and will defend our
Jewish brethren with whatever it takes. To blame then
for our Mideast fiasco is utterly a repeat of the 20th
Century's biggest Big Lie. The evolving crisis in
America was brought about by mediocre Fasces bound
together to impose mediocrity on an American public
suffering from the "ain't my kid going to Iraq"
syndrome of disconnect. The loudest voices against
them and their war were Jewish, if you bother to look.
These Jews sought to teach us the evils of pre-emption
much as they taught us the evils of racism in the
1950s and 60s, the neocons not withstanding.

So let us all say a loud "NO" to anyone threatening
our nation's single greatest asset: our Jewish
teachers, doctors, lawyers and businessmen who
contributed far beyond their numbers to making America
great. Let us remind our fellow Americans that the
Jewish roots are our roots, part of our common tree of
civilization, making our fruits their fruits. We must
together preserve and protect the great American Tree
of Life.

Daniel E. Teodoru


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