Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday rant

Rubber Stamp Republicans
Without them, Bush's failed policies would only be a hair brained agenda.
Hang this albatross around their necks and make them inhale the stink of
the rotting carcass that was once a great nation. Our treasury has been
looted and the contents have found their way to off shore tax shelters
where that money will never circulate. Left unfettered, the free market
becomes a totalitarian fixed market that benefits only Bush's base, "the
haves and the have mores." Our economy has been sacked for the benefit
of Bush's major campaign contributors.
The widening gap between the rich and poor is at the cost of the
shrinking middle class. The poor don't have the means to fight a corrupt
theocratic oligarchy and are subject to be permanent wage slaves. All
the good jobs are outsourced, and we will be fighting for the crumbs
that "trickle down."
This dangerous inbreeding of business and government is fascism, and we
the people are making the rope they will use to hang us, either together
or one at a time.
The daily erosion of Constitutional guarantees and protections is an
indication that elections are meaningless because of the
Republican/Diebold cartel. Stalin reminded everyone it's not who votes,
but who counts the votes that matters. Like Stalin, Hitler and a rouges
gallery of brutal dictators, Bushigula has donned military garb.
The impotent punks passing themselves off as our protectors are nothing
short of organized crime on a scale never before seen.
It's time for a nation wide strike where everyone bites the bullet and
stays home from work for a day and refuses to drive a car.
One work day a week means the government's tax coffers are 20% short as
is the oil cartel's profits.
It's always about the money, or in the mind of the Republican archetype,
stealing other people's money and minding other people's business.
With pain comes awareness. Let's hope the pain of making the choice of
eating or burgeoning energy costs awakens enough people to cause the
Bush junta to sink into the quagmire it has created.
The road to empire is paved with failed republics.
Thank you for reading my Saturday morning rant.


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