Tuesday, May 16, 2006

GOP implosion

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Tue May 16th 2006, 08:12 AM
| Bernard Weiner |

With Tom DeLay facing criminal charges, Duke Cunningham in prison and Karl Rove about to head for court, I needed to talk to "Shallow Throat" about the deepening implosion of the Republican machine and how progressives and Democrats should react in the run-up to the November election.

The high-ranking GOP mole inside the Bush Administration didn't waste any time responding to my coded signal. He was on the West Coast, so we met off the beaten track amid the gorgeous high-desert rocks and wildflowers of Anza Borrego Park in Southern California.

"From the outside," I said as we walked on the sandy path, "it looks like chaos and desperation in the Bush White House and a confused, contradictory Republican Party in Congress, with lots of important officials under indictment or investigation."

"It's even worse on the inside," said Shallow Throat. "It's not just the wheels falling off the bus -- the whole damn engine is coming loose. There is virtually nothing, nothing, going on in the White House but the survival game -- which means getting through the November election without total defeat. Everything they do, everything they say, every move they make, is geared for its effect on limiting the damage."

"What kind of damage?" I asked.


"It could be a Democrat tsunami, taking everything in its path, or, thanks to the incompetence and timidity of your Democrat friends (pulling in their claws when they should be attacking everyday, in unison), it could mean losing only a dozen seats or so in the House and a relative handful of Senate seats. If the latter, the Republicans theoretically could still retain control, but it would be by a razor-thin margin and only in party label; there would be no Bush agenda enacted. But most of my fellow Republicans I've talked with are already anticipating losing the House, maybe by 30 seats or more, while maybe, if they're lucky, hanging on to the Senate."

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PS: Our pResident is a nut.


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