Monday, May 15, 2006

true believers or morans

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By Nancy Greggs

For a long time, I cut my fellow citizens who voted for Bush a lot of
slack. I didn't think they were all stupid or ill-informed, but simply
misled into accepting him at face value when he talked about being a
compassionate, moral, down-home, good Christian man.

Even when these same people voted for Bush in 2004, I believe many of
them thought the trials and tribulations of his first term were simply
'growing pains' as he set the country on a different course towards
peace and prosperity. The groundwork painstakingly laid in his first
term would bear fruit; the deficit would be reversed, Iraq would emerge
as a democracy, the war on terror would be declared a total victory, and
the nation would once again be back on track.

But as the consequences of this regime have unfolded since the beginning
of Bush's second term, and as he slips into below 30% approval
territory, I have come to accept that the people who still support him
and defend his policies are just downright stupid.

The corollary of a staunchly maintained belief in Bush and his buddies
is that you have to be able defy logic at every turn, to suspend belief
in everything you've heretofore accepted, and to ignore facts as obvious
as the ever-lengthening nose on President PNACio's face.

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