Thursday, May 11, 2006

TV and the stage coach

The Internet is supplanting TV news as the primary information source.
With the advent of the horseless carriage there were those who said that
they should be banned because they scared the horses. It looks like the
the traditional media is soiling its drawers with the knowledge that
they have become irrelevant. Because no one in the corporate media has
stood up to the criminal junta running the government, the people are
turning to other sources, predominantly the Net for information and
Howard Dean transformed the way money is raised and campaigns are run.
He was ahead of the curve in 04, but the impact he made served notice.
Although he wasn't strong enough to overcome the system, he made
everyone take notice, and he is able to put things in language that the
majority can grasp and identify with. The existing power structure put
in their candidate, John Kerry, who really did get elected and would
have made a fine President, but Kerry spoke in Senate-speak and the
election was close enough to fix. With no paper trail it is no longer 50
+1. The polls have to indicate Democrats up by at least 10, as the
Republicans control the mechanism that counts the votes.
Rahm Emanuel and Howard Dean are in dispute as to how to distribute
campaign contributions. We've tried Emanuel's way and failed. The way
the districts are set it's nearly impossible to get a district to shift
party allegiance, lest the candidate is caught raping a farm animal.
Dean has the right strategy for the future. Emanuel doesn't impress me
as he sounds like DLC apologists Hillary Clinton and Holy Joe Lieberman.
We need people who will not equivocate on our values of standing up for
the working class and the lessors of our society. We need to stand for
something the majority understands. Diversity is not one of those
issues, but universal health care is. We need leadership that will call
out the rubber stamp republicans for their loyalty to the lying scumbags
and war profiteers in the White House. Hell, Bush just polled 31% with
Gallup and they usually are + 5% in favor of Republicans, therefore
making Bush's real approval at 26%. It's time to say we will not work
in coordination with a party that runs up the debt and has nothing to
show for it. We represent those who work hard and play by the rules We
are not the party that spends its time creating new and inventive ways
of looting the treasury and suspending the inalienable rights as
prescribed in the Constitution while governing by appealing to people's
worst fears and lowest instincts. Why do Republicans hate our children
and the working class?
Our President is a nut.
Rummy, The Dummy, and Dick, Oh My.


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