Saturday, May 06, 2006

World's greatest magician

A little Saturday morning ranting
George Bush is the world's greatest magician. He made our treasury
surplus disappear. He made WMD in Iraq disappear. He made this country's
good reputation disappear. He made Saddam Hussien look like a
humanitarian. He has an uncanny penchant for snatching defeat from the
jaws of victory. And for his greatest feat of prestidigitation, he made
the middle class disappear. This century's award for the world's
greatest magician goes to George W. Bush. Oh, and I just remembered:
Where the hell did all those voting machines in Ohio end up? Has anyone
seen our Constitution for that matter?
There's no end to what W can do. He's turned Jesus Christ into an
avenger. He's turned the party of small government into the party of the
biggest government ever. He's widened the gap between the rich and poor
to proportions only seen in the wet dreams of Richard Mellon Scaife and
Swiss bankers.
Aside from being a lying scumbag and war profiteer, he's also a second
hand, substance abusing punk bent on self destruction.
As for the corporate media that enables this flawed degenerate to run
roughshod over the working people of the world, their time as overpaid
stenographers is winding down as fast as you can say play the tape Mr
Neitzsche was right.


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