Sunday, June 25, 2006

Cuts in Vets benefits

1 category 7-8 veterans out of the VA. These are men and women who just
recieve their meds.
2 all veterans will pay $250.00 a year for health care even 100%
disablled veterans
3 co-pays for meds will go up by 80%
4 over the next five year $40 billion will be cut out of health care
5 last year alone over 600,000 veterans were denied or put on waiting
list for care
6 the returning troops after discharge are being treated like dirt
7 The last four Bush budgets were based on phony numbers GAO reports
prove that
over the last four years 1.5 million veterans have lost their health care
8 the hand picked Bush Veterans Commission is closing 18 VA hospitals
3500 vet to vet clinics
9 same Commission is reviewing all PTSD claims to remove over 2.1
million veterans from health care benefits. Of the troops coming home,
one out of four suffers from PTSD.
All because Paris Hilton needs a tax cut.


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