Friday, June 23, 2006

Murtha and the "ain't my kid going to Iraq" discinnect syndrome

Dear Editor,

It was said in ancient Greek mythology that the gods
punished the hubris of men by making them mad. And so
it is, it seems, in the case of Karl Rove, as he
chooses to repeat in 2006 the campaign game plan he
used in 2002 to gain a Republican majority in

Chickenhawk Rove's main target in his charge of "cut
and run" by the Democrats is long time combat vet
Congressman Murtha's redeployment strategy. Rove
insists that if we had followed Murtha's
recommendation we would never have killed Zarqawi, the
alQaeda leader in Iraq. But he will try desperately to
keep from us that the US Army three times in 2002 had
Zarqawi in its sights sites but all three times the
White House said no because he was the only link its
propaganda had between alQaeda and Saddam, though the
link was totally wrong, Zarqawi was an independent
operator. Alas, 2002 was soon after 9/11 and all our
minds minds could easily be fogged with certainty just
because the White House said so. By now many lies have
passed under the bridge and to repeat them donned in a
fresh coat of paint is madness indeed. It is the
height of cynicism to assume that with 2500 American
heroes dead and 18000 wounded with no end in sight,
the American people still suffer from so deep a "ain't
my kid going to Iraq" disconnect syndrome as to allow
themselves to be blinded to incompetence and deception
in the face of years of evidence.

"Victory" is a hollow term that few Republicans would
translate into concrete metrics. For such specificity
would only highlight how little has been accomplished
to date by massive power in the hands of reckless and
irresponsible incompetence of arrogant mediocrities.
Those in Congress who permitted, ney, endorsed, such
criminal negligence ought to feel enough of a pang of
conscience to step aside. Murtha's is the only voice
of courage and caring that we have heard in a long
time. Thus only those with the courage to openly
debate those views, whether pro or con, deserve
consideration for Congressional election.

Daniel E. Teodoru


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