Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Open letter to Jim Webb running as Dem for Senate of Virginia

Dear Mr. Webb,

We're both in the same boat: one time Republicans who
stood with Mr. Bush especially after 9/11-- I survived
the World Trade Center hit-- only to find that, now
more than ever, the military is not considered a very
delicate instrument to be used responsibly as an
adjunct to diplomacy, but has been used to date
recklessly as a blunt political tool.

The War on Terror had both our support as it had that
of all Americans. Mr. Bush's inarticulateness did not
affect that as we all understood the principles
underlying his babble. But the implementation of it
demonstrates that he was AWOL while Cabinet hubris
devastated our forces fighting a tactical war devoid
of strategy and totally intelligence blind.

I retired from health care hoping to write an
historical analysis of the Vietnam War that had
consumed a decade of my life. But, 9/11 forced me to
abandon that dream and focus on the Mideast that I had
known well in the past. But it didn't take long to
realize that, with President Bush's permission,
Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld arrogantly,
irresponsibly and unintelligently privatized the Iraq
war to make it his own chariot to his last chance at
the presidency.

I am an American by choice, not chance, and the father
of three native Americans. I deem it my duty, if I am
to consider myself a patriotic American,to view every
American soldier in harm's way as my son or daughter
and therefore to never allow anything to be done to or
with them that I would not want to be done with or to
my biologic children. The current "ain't my kid goin'
to Iraq" disconnect syndrome is totally, in my view,

I knew you since he 1970s and shared Vietnam issue
podiums with you. So I know in my heart that your
stand is as principled, reasoned, ethical and informed
now as then.. I therefore offer you my full voluntary
support, body and soul much as I gave it to GW Bush in
his 2000 campaign and to the Corzine campaign in 2005,
to unseat so poor a senator as Mr. Allen. Please,
please let me know how I can voluntarily help.

Best wishes to a kindred soul whose principles were
tested in the Cold War.

Daniel E. Teodoru


At 9:35 PM, Blogger Chesty said...

Beautifully put, mate. Semper Fi.


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