Thursday, June 29, 2006


Dear Cong, King (or is it King Cong?)

You have characteristically used loud absolutisms as
your defense of a Bush Administration that is a total
failure. It is a failure because of the President's
excessive seeking of authority and subsequent
excessive insistent denial of responsibility for his
decisions. This kind of irresponsible running of the
country had placed America into the grubby hands of
Rumsfeld and Cheney, both clearly demonstrable
life-long incompetents. Much of the evidence for this
has been documented by Ron Suskind's THE ONE PERCENT
DOCTRINE, about which you said on the Cris Matthews
MSNBC show: "I think it¡¥s a very unreliable,
uninformed book, to start off with that." Well, if you
are such an "insider" and know all this about that
book, I, a mere voter who keeps himself informed,
challenge you to debate the issue of how we got into
Iraq. Not only is that book the real truth that you
have been trying to hide from your constituents
obfuscating for anyone who listened to you on TV or
radio, but it also leaves no question about how
democracy is truly in danger when one party controls
the entire government. Lord Acton had it right when he
said that "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts
absolutely"-- something proven in another book about
the K Street Republican corruption of power, selling
it at taxpayers' expense.

You may think that you can profit as the apologist for
the corrupt Bush House that Rove built. I'm out to
prove that you are as naked like Emperor Bush and have
nowhere to hide. It's all so obvious, thanks to the NY
Times, Newsday and Washington Post, that Republican
officials like you can't run for office and hide at
the same time. Thanks to the media you accuse of
treason, those who don't know how reckless and corrupt
MY Republican Party has become, don't know because
they don't want to know. So, I, a mere Republican who
believes in democracy, challenge you to debate which
is the real treason: the media for exposing abrogation
of the Constitution or you for trying to cover it up.

Daniel E. Teodoru


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