Friday, June 30, 2006

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Darkness at Noon for Democracy


Ideology doesn't matter.

You are a tyrannical thug whether you are Joseph Stalin, Benito
Mussolini, or Francisco Franco.

And Cheney and his Puppet Bush are thugs in that infamous tradition.

People who are utter failures in executing policy often rise to power
because they are experts at brutally seizing power and silencing
dissent. It is the law of the political jungle. Kill off dissent -- and
no one can expose your wretched failures.

Democrats on the Hill who still harbor an idea that what is going on is
about an alleged "war on terrorism" or fight for liberty or "victory" in
Iraq are in need of a new prescription for their glasses.

This is a about the raw, ruthless seizure of power and the machineries
of state by one radical faction within a democracy.

And that radical faction has as one of its major goals the elimination
of democracy.

Sure, they mouth platitudes about the glories of the homeland, as Hitler
did. But take the Holocaust away from the history of the Third Reich and
tell us, honestly, if you think the Busheviks are headed in a different

Hitler was brilliant in selecting Goebbels as his propaganda minister.
Both of them knew that mass media was the way to incite the masses and
gain their allegiance to sanciton a takeover of the state.

Hitler did it with film, radio and print media. The Busheviks are doing
it with television and radio as the leading edge of their blitzkrieg
toward permanent one-party control of America.

Whenever their failures are exposed, they use scare and fear tactics to
subdue the public. They launch highly coordinated and disciplined
dishonest diversionary tactics -- such as the bogus attack on the New
York Times for printing a story on tracing banking transactions that
everyone pretty much knew about anyway, especially the terrorists -- for
the sole purpose of turning the already lapdog American press into a
complete rebirth of the Soviet brand of Pravda.

Make no mistake, they are seeking laws and prosecution that will make
dissent from the party line a crime.

These are brown shirts, egomaniacs who mask their lust for total
domination and the dismantling of democracy in lofty patriotic rhetoric,
which has no meaning to them except as a tool to numb the masses, or to
manipulate them emotionally.

These are the tactics of the demagogue.

The democratic government following the collapse of the Tsarist regime
fell to the Soviets because the Soviets were more disciplined,
remorseless, and cunning. The same fate befell the Weimar Republic as
Hitler manipulated his ascent through a campaign of fear, ringing
emotional appeals to "patriotism," scapegoating, and the manipulation of
the legal process to make his takeover of the government sanctioned by
the Reichstag.

If you think that is not happening here, then you are not really
thinking at all. You are just a member of the masses who has succumbed
to the demagoguery of the barbarians now inside the gates of the White

You might as well be brain dead if you don't understand the perilous
risk to our Constitutional form of government that is now at hand.

This is no longer a discussion about the Iraq War.

It is the forces of democracy versus the forces of fascism.

Don't shrink when you hear the "F" word, as if it is some radical, over
the top proclamation.

The radicals aren't writing the editorials for BuzzFlash. We are
pro-Constitution, pro-democracy and pro-balance of powers. We are patriots.

The radicals who would undo the American Revolution are in the White House.

They are brilliant at incrementally seizing uncontested power.

It is the only thing they do well.

The same could have been said of Stalin, Mussolini, Franco and Hitler.

We don't shrink from these comparisons.

Just look around and see what is happening.

If you don't see it soon, it will be too late.


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