Wednesday, June 07, 2006

proven competence over lineage for the Senate

Dear Star-Ledger editor,

Once again, as a Republican, I am asked to choose
lineage over competence. In 2000 and 2004, I was asked
to vote for GW Bush on the principle that the apple
cannot fall far from the tree. But that apple must
have fallen in a category five hurricane, for the son
landed far, far, far indeed, from the Bush tree. I am
bombarded with ads where former Gov. Keane appeals for
my vote as a Republican. But he is not running for
anything. Instead, he is standing in for the real
candidate, his son, who is a lack-luster half-baked
neophyte. This bait-and-switch is not right and is an
insult. I vote as a citizen of New Jersey before as a
loyal Republican, for proven competence over
pig-in-a-poke lineage. Sen. Menendez has proven
himself able to fill the Corzine shoes in the Senate.
The Senate is the only body in our government that
slowed Bush's Iraq train wreck so we need Menendez
back to do the job further; this is no time to choose
lineage over proven competence. Besides, Sen. Menendez
proves that of all the things that makes America
great, immigrants is the greatest.

Daniel E. Teodoru
1701 Doolittle Dr.
Bridgewater NJ 08807
908 6859944


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