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Basic Training
Posted Sun 11 June 2006 20:41
The Defense Sec. sought to be master of it all. Cursed
by inadequate somatometens and aging testosterone
level he sought to make up for his height above and
below the belt with a male animal takeover of the Iraq
War. To that end he replaced strategically savvy
generals with tacticians with only one strategic goal:
another star before retirement. Ignorance was bliss
when Rummy cynically told an in harm's way complaining
reservist: you don't always get the army you wanted
when you go to war. And, when the logistic tail was
overstretched and the press asked Rummy if his plan
was coming ondone, he replied: it's not my plan, it's
General Frank's plan. Frank's look made it obvious
that with four stars he had nowhere else to go but out
before the proverbial s--t hits the fan.

Well, Rummy had it his way. This was totally Rummy's
war, no interference from DoS, NSC and CIA. And though
Nixon told us all who would listen that Rummy is the
shark with biggest teeth in the tank, a shark's brain
is just not enough. So our troops went in intel blind,
culture dumb and language deaf. It took the Rummy war
team three years to get Zarqawi. Even if our guys beat
Zark to death, he must have gone laughing, for three
times from 2002 the Army had him in their sites to
kill him and Cheney said no. He was, afterall, the
only link they had between the War on Terror and the
War in Iraq...And so, Cheney's choise was forced on
binLaden as the Emir of the Land of the Two Rivers.
Lucky for Rummy, GW Bush is the "decider" and Rummy's
got too much on him what with AWOL from the Reserves
and falling off the wagon after 9/11...but I can't go
into that because I'm sure it is classified and I
don't want the NSA to ruin the reception on my phone
trying to tap it. But I must say that such dumb hubris
would never have been let go during Vietnam. Though
insolent, McNamara could at least sound informed
instead of just like a wise guy. But now nobody cares
because America suffers from the ain't my kid goin' to
Iraq disconnect syndrome. Maybe if we had a draft we
would not have had so many American and Iraqis
needlessly dead. With Zarqawi gone maybe it is time
for Rummy to go to pasture in his new house in
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