Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Shi'a mess GW Bush got us into

GW Bush bet the family farm on a three legged horse!

It was a "Perfect Storm." Both Israel and the Bush
family's Saudi patrons wanted Saddam removed. So,
thinking only in terms of political pay-offs, he went
to war in Iraq, neglecting the War on alQaeda he
declared on 9/11. But Bush never knew that the Saudis
are as much a part of the problem as the Israelis. In
fact, they make and lead the problem around by the
nose the way they lead the Bushes. Yet, thinking that
he can get the Iraqi Shi'a to join the Sunnis against
Iran on grounds that both are Arabs, he, according to
Prof. Nasr, invested America's Mideast interests on a
"spent revolutionary force," thus feeding
anti-American Sunni radicalism.Thus alQaeda is leading
the Sunni war now on the Shi'a-- a war that never
existed before as intense as now that Shi'a is
associated with the US, which still seeks to defeat
the Shi'a regime ruling Iran.

Below is the URL for Prof. Nsr's well done article.
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