Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ku Klux Karl and

The Klan, perfect together.

Are the Busheviks Playing the "Coded" Anti-Semite Card in Their Attack on the New York Times Banking Story? You Bet.


A story from a Miami-based publication,, reveals in detail what we all know: the Bushevik SWIFT international bank tracing program was not really a secret -- and it isn't particularly effective.

In short, America has been had again by despicable and unconscionable efforts to intimidate the free press over a program that was probably known to the terrorists before we knew about it. The Bush Administration even bragged about the effort -- in general -- in the past, in one way or another.

As the article in by reporter Rachel Lee Coleman notes, "News of the Bush administration’s clandestine bank surveillance program stunned many Americans, but Washington insiders say it didn’t surprise them or the terrorists the program tails."

The article also noted, among other points, "Since the New York Times and other media didn’t tell the public anything the terrorists didn’t already know and since banks already monitor suspicious transactions for the U.S. government, many question the probe’s usefulness. 'It’s not a cost-effective way to deal with terrorism issues,'" said "a former State Department official and U.S. diplomat appointed by the United Nations Security Council to assess global anti-terrorist financing efforts."

So why then all the Bushevik junkyard dog posturing?

Well, as Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter noted, Rove has decided to "double down" on the Iraq War. Rove has specialized in taking the greatest weakness of a Republican and making it his greatest political strength. So, with the Iraq War entering another year of deteriorating failure after never-ending promises of a turn around, Rove is daring the Democrats to make the fiasco of the Iraq War an issue.

In essence, Rove is betting that the Democrats will be scared of taking on his reputation and skills as a demagogue strategist. The Democrats are generally hesitant to challenge Rove's furious offensive tactics, even though they are launched to cover up failures of epic proportions.

In short, the brazen and conscienceless rulers of fantasy island end up triumphing over the timid reality-based back bench leadership.

But back to the New York Times and why they were specifically targeted, when the Bushevik Wall Street Journal and the Tribune-owned LA Times also printed similar stories on the Bushevik International bank tracing.

One of our BuzzFlash readers reminded us that attacking the New York Times is both a code word for perpetuating the myth of the "liberal Eastern press" and compounding that by using a paper that is perceived by many hardcore Bush supporters as a "Jewish" newspaper.

In fact, for many Bushevik "red meat" brown shirts, the idea of Jewish and liberal are so interconnected as to be inseparable. Despite the fact that a number of the Neo-cons are Jewish, coded anti-Semitism still plays well in the boonies -- and among many of the Country Club Republicans.

So don't think we have outgrown Anti-Semitism. Remember, you have to keep asking how could the GOP talking points that caromed around the Republican PR empire only damn the NYT -- while never mentioning that the WSJ (whose editorial board is infested with Bushevik radical fantasists) published basically the same story?

Primarily, it's Rove's way of "doubling down" and making the jaws of Democratic leaders drop yet again at the audacity of Republican efforts to play the "terror card" in the most shameless, reckless and dishonest of ways.

But, it's also a way to press the hot buttons of Americans in fear. And it's a way of galvanizing the radical right wing base.

And for much of that base, unfortunately and horrifyingly, the New York Times, whether consciously or subconsciously, is thought of -- as our reader reminded us -- as the "Jew York Times."

The Busheviks know this, and they are very subtly playing the anti-
Semite card, along with utilizing other demagogic appeals.

Don't doubt it for a moment.


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