Saturday, July 01, 2006

Law no more.

When the rulers don't follow the rules, the rules have no meaning.
Today's Bush followers have obvious thought disorders compounded by
loose associations. They do and say what the
Hannity/Coulter/Limbaugh/Rove propaganda mill tells them to do and say.
Anyone with a reasoned argument is evil and to be met with scorn and
The Republican party has their own major electronic media outlet and
propaganda wing posing as a "news" network in Pox (deliberate typo). We
don't, despite the endless protestations about the Librul Media by the
"victimized" party that controls every arm of government and a Fourth
Estate that obeys its corporate masters for compensation. They have the
machinery in place that counts the votes, thus ensuring unrestrained power.
We are all the victims of the great dumbing down. Was Nietzsche right in
his assertion that democracy is flawed because it puts power in the
hands of incompetents?
Joseph Pujol


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