Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Vote for Democrats if


If you want to support Bush's war in Iraq -- one based on lies and deceptions, and which is unwinnable in any case -- vote for the Republicans.

If you want to throw a half-trillion (trillion!) dollars down the Iraq rat hole for a continuation of this war, meaning that valuable projects in the U.S. such as education and health-insurance and infrastructure upkeep have no funding, vote for the Republicans.

If you want a continuation of humongous deficits far into the future, which your kids and grandkids will have to pay for, and a stagnant economy burdened by that debt, vote for Republicans.

If you want to endanger Social Security by Bush's plan to privatize much of it, vote for Republicans.

If you want Americans to be associated with torture around the world, vote for Republicans.

If you don't care that Bush, Cheney, Rove and Libby revealed the identity of a covert CIA agent as punishment for her husband telling the truth about the lies underpinning Bush's war plans for Iraq, vote for Republicans.

If you don't mind that Bush ordered the NSA to spy on American citizens' phone calls and private emails, and then halted a Justice Department probe into the legality of such action (a cover-up that should be grounds for impeachment for "obstruction of justice"), vote for Republicans.

If you don't mind the constantly climbing high price of gasoline that accompanies Bush's reckless, and incompetently handled, foreign policy, vote for Republicans.

If you don't care that Bush is doing next to nothing about global warming, vote for Republicans.

If you don't mind the thorough ineptitude of the Bush Administration in the Katrina aftermath, when more than a thousand American citizens died, vote for Republicans.

If you want to remain uncertain whether your vote was accurately counted -- since Republican-owned companies control the machines and vote-tallying software, and can manipulate the numbers without anybody being able to detect the fraud -- vote for Republicans.

If Bush assuming near-total control of the three branches of government doesn't bother you -- meaning he is, in effect, a dictator, who can tell the Congress and courts to forget trying to rein him in -- vote for Republicans. One could go on and on forever.


If, however, you want to bring America back more to the center and away from its extreme rightist recklessness in foreign and domestic policy, don't vote for Republicans.

If you want to concentrate more on issues that really matter to most folks (health-care, education, clean air and water, stable pensions, the economy, privacy, civil rights, etc.), then do not vote for Republicans.

If you believe that two more years with no effective checks on the Bush Administration will lead to even more scandals and corruption and foreign and domestic disasters, then do not vote for Republicans.

If the Republicans in November lose their hold on the House and/or Senate, there will be a political brake on extreme policy-making, and a chance, at least a chance, for America to begin to undo the terrible damage done to our society, and the world, over the past five years.

In short, it's time for a change in America. And it's up to all of us -- Democrats, Libertarians, independents, moderate and traditional conservative Republicans -- to make that happen in November. Which means, first of all, ensuring an honest, transparent voting system. Take them to court, if you have to, to get what all Americans should have by right: their vote honestly counted and recorded.

-- BW


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