Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A must read

This should be read on the floor of the House and Senate or circulated among our Democratic Representatives and Senators.

Mon Jul 09th 2007, 10:53 PM
I am really concerned that DU is out of touch with middle America.

Don't you all know that the average American absolutely LOVES the war in Iraq, and if the Democrats dare to oppose it they will pay dearly at the ballot box. Americans love seeing their sons and daughters come home in body bags, they love hearing about the bombs going off in the Baghdad marketplace, and they love to see hundreds of billions of their tax dollars spent on a war with no clear objective and no end in sight.

I am concerned that middle America will not accept the idea of single payer health care. We all just LOVE to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to the insurance companies every month. We don't care if our claims get denied, as long as the marketplace is able to run free we are more willing to watch our children suffer from horrible illnesses that they don't have insurance to cover. "Give us higher health care costs, and give the insurance companies more profit", that is the motto of the working class.

I am also concerned that too many people on the left want to have more protections for our environment. They don't realize that the American people LOVE to drink poison in their water, it gives it an extra tangy flavor and no one wants to give up that wonderful taste. In fact they are not content with those poisons merely being in the water, they want them to be in the air too. Every time they take a breath they want to feel the fumes from the local oil refinery enter their lungs, there is no way you are ever going to convince middle America that it is better to breathe clean air and drink clean water.

I am concerned that too many people are speaking out against the no-bid contracts to Halliburton because come on; we all know the top priority of the vast majority Americans is ensuring that the CEO of Halliburton lives very well. No American would want their money going to ridiculous programs like education when they could be giving that money to Dick Cheney's friends.

I am concerned that too many people here think that no person is above the law. I mean just because George Bush may be a criminal does not mean anyone would ever want to hold him accountable for his crimes. Haven't you looked at George Bush's approval ratings? He is clearly the most popular man in America and people would be outraged if anyone were to remove him from office. Middle America loves George Bush, and we all believe he should be above the law.

I am just so concerned that the Democrats are going to lose middle America if they don't reach out to the extreme-right and try to win back the southerners who were chased away by such far-left radicals as Martin Luther King Jr. We need to reach across the aisle and embrace the values of the religious right, because as we all know the average American loves to have the "moral values" of a group of hypocrites shoved down their throats.

I am also concerned that we are not doing enough to promote business. After all nobody in middle America cares how big their paychecks are, just so long as their boss gets a massive check to take home. The average American thinks it is absolutely wonderful that the CEO of their company makes 400 times what they make. We are all more than willing to scrape by on nothing if it means that our managers will get a bigger yacht next year.

Yes DU I am concerned, why would middle America ever want policies that benefit them?


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