Friday, September 07, 2007

tomorrow's headline - We Know

By Nancy Greggs
 Every morning, I turn on my computer and peruse the various websites I’ve come to rely on for the news – the real news that is, the items the MSM will never discuss, the stories that our country’s newspapers will never print, the details that inevitably wind up being spun into oblivion or relegated to the back pages in hopes that no one will notice them.

And every morning, I anticipate that BIG story finally hitting the airwaves: "Oh, my God, they KNOW! – the they being we, the People; the know being our awareness of the facts that this administration, and the complicit mainstream media, try so desperately to keep hidden from sight.

Perhaps it’s simply the age of people like Cheney, who still think a contradictory statement can be explained away by blaming Jimmy Olsen, an overly-eager cub reporter who simply got it wrong – not realizing that their every word is recorded for posterity through a series of tubes(!), where they can be accessed, compared, and analyzed within seconds.

Or perhaps it is simply wishful thinking on the part of an administration that has placed too much hope in hype, too much sell in spin, too much misplaced belief in their ability to portray the unbelievable as reality.

The surge is working, the soldiers are committed and content, the economy is booming, the nation’s infrastructure will last a million years, the outsourcing of American jobs is a giant leap in the right direction, the national debt is of no consequence, the War on Terror is being won, God is in his heaven and all is right with the world – or so we are told by a so-called president, confirmed by a more-than-pliable media controlled by corporations who are more than aware of which side of their bread is the buttered side.

But the truth is out there, and it’s a truth no one scarfing down that buttered bread wants to acknowledge, no less accept. The truth is: WE KNOW.

WE KNOW that the Surge is just a new label for Stay the Course, and that establishing democracy in the Middle East is a cover story for grab the oil.

WE KNOW that when our soldiers come back from Iraq in caskets that can’t be photographed, it’s not a matter of family privacy, but a matter of don’t think about the price you’re paying for what a handful of idiotic neocons foresaw as money in the bank – their own bank.

WE KNOW that soldiers – exhausted, over-extended and underpaid – sent into combat without proper equipment does not equate to Supporting the Troops.

WE KNOW that no matter how many times the so-called news programs trot out the likes of Billy Kristol to get his take on what our next military move should be, he hasn’t gotten one thing right since day one - and yet his advice is still sought and relied upon.

WE KNOW that the latest Osama Bin Laden film production will always make its media debut when support for the war in Iraq has dropped another few percentage points in the latest poll.

WE KNOW that the Republicans will throw one of their own under an oncoming bus if it serves as a distraction from something even more nefarious than a man in a public restroom hopeful of a sexual tryst.

WE KNOW that Saddam had no WMDs and that this administration was fully aware of the fact – along with totally debunked facts about yellowcake from Niger, chemical-laden drones that could strike within the US, and links between Iraq and al Qeada.

WE KNOW that the official account of what happened on 9/11 doesn’t hold water, and that this administration did everything in its power to avoid any serious inquiry into the events of that day.

WE KNOW that executive privilege is just another way of saying we’ve got plenty to hide.

WE KNOW that Valerie Plame wasn’t outted by accident, that Jessica Lynch didn’t go down fightin’ only to be rescued by the guns-a-blazin’ US Cavalry, that Pat Tillman didn’t die as the all-American poster-boy for war this administration hoped he would be.

WE KNOW about the Downing Street memo, the Abramoff emails, the Jeff Gannon sleepovers, the sanction of torture, the renditions, the Black Sites, the swiftboating of the truth-tellers, the marginalization of the truth-seekers, the redactions, the contradictions, the unofficial corrections of the official record, the last-minute remembrances of the official liars, the suddenly found Jesus exuberance of those caught-in-the-act, the suddenly remembered non-memory of those caught in the web of their own non-truths; the sex, lies and videotape that expose the fallacies of an entire administration and the party that supports it.



When are we going to stop playing this game of pretending that no one KNOWS the truth; this charade of Fearless Leader, Contented Troops, Happy-Go-Lucky Public and Destined-for-Glory World Power?

When are we going to end this look-the-other-way, pretend-it-never-happened, swallow-the-talking-points, don’t-ask-don’t-tell-the-truth, act-like-it’s-all-okay coverage of events that only happened in the minds of those who have an agenda to follow, and a few million tons of snake-oil to sell?


And once you get that fact embedded into your buy-our-crap, support-our-sponsors, spend-your-money, ignore-the-facts-in-front-of-you, all-but-empty talking heads, we might – might – be on our way to putting a once-great country back together again, before it’s too late.


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