Thursday, September 27, 2007

Very interesting

Mr. Pitt points out a fascinating development: Dan Rather, in his old age, getting PISSED OFF. Really pissed off! It is a wonder to behold. I wish we had more like him--insiders who want to vomit at what journalism has become, and what our government has become, and who at last stand up to be counted.

It must have been crushing to Rather--the sting that was perpetrated against him: one of the Bush/AWOL papers, among many, re-typed on a later model machine, a paper which the original secretary of the document vouched was true as to its contents (just typed differently), and CBS (whom I have little doubt was in on the sting*) caves, the Rovian sting succeeds and Bush's AWOL is buried in the controversy about the re-typed paper, and Rather, the linchpin of CBS News for many decades, loses his job--and Bush doesn't lose his.

Rather could have understandably retired, and written a couple of books, and had a nice peaceful old age. But no, he takes Dan Rather Reports to, where he fries the election theft corporations with the most important investigative news report in our history ("The Trouble With Touchscreens"), and goes on to sue the fuckers who fired him for injustice, malfeasance, kissing the butt of a fascist government and lying.


Thank you, William Rivers Pitt, for highlighting this remarkable story!

There is one thing to be said for the Bush Junta--it DOES create heroes, inadvertently to be sure, but never have there been so many opportunities to rise above comfort and career, to defy prudence and ass-covering, and to display real moral courage, as have arisen over the last seven years, and never have we seen this MANY heroes rise to the challenge, from officers like Lt. Ehren Mejia who refused to return to the immoral and unlawful Iraq War at the price of military imprisonment and loss of career, to military jag lawyers who have fought against Guantanamo Bay and torture, and been demoted, to FBI/DoJ insiders like Sibel Edmonds and James Comey, who have blown the whistle on widespread criminality, to the very courageous young man (can't recall his name) who took the Abu Ghraib torture photos to the military police, to Joseph Wilson, Valerie Plame and David Kelly, who blew the whistle on the prewar lies about WMDs, to leftist bloggers who have taken up journalism to fill the black hole in the news media--real truthtellers like Will Pitt and Brad Friedman--to people like TIA who have sacrificed their time and health to get the word out on stolen elections and our fraudulent election system, to thousands of ordinary people who risk abuse, hardship and prison to protest the war, or devote time they don't have to passionate anti-war and election reform many. I've barely grazed the top of this mountain. There are many more.

To this stellar group of real heroes and patriots we now add Dan Rather, a man who "got mad as hell and couldn't take it anymore."

You want real journalism? Check out the Dan Rather Reports at . You won't be disappointed.


A couple of points in the article:

*My suspicious about CBS. The reason that I easily suspect them of actually being in collusion on the sting is that they were in collusion with the other corporate news monopolies when their consortium exit pollster, Edison-Mitofsky DOCTORED the exit polls (Kerry won) late in the day on 11/2/04, to FORCE them to FIT the results of Diebold/ES&S's "trade secret" vote counting formulae (Bush won). If they would do THAT, they would do anything. I don't believe that American voters were swayed by Karl Rove's bullshit--whether his sting to bury Bush's AWOL, or his "gay marriage" tripe, or his Kerry "flip-flopping" tripe, or the "Swiftboaters"' lies, or the numerous "terra alerts" that everybody was laughing about, by the time of the election, or any of it. I believe it was all a pre-written narrative for Stolen Election II. People were flocking to the Democratic party in record numbers to oust Bush. The Democratic grass roots blew the Bushites away in new voter registration, nearly 60/40, in 2004! Where did all those votes go? There is simply overwhelming evidence that the vote was fiddled. So what all these fascist corporatists were doing was pushing a PLAUSIBLE narrative of how Bush/Cheney COULD HAVE won, not how they did win. And burying the AWOL story--which was in fact a TRUE story--was just one element of keeping that narrative believable enough to prevent a revolution.

Which brings me to Will's discussion of the impact of these war profiteering corporate news monopolies on the American people. We can plainly see what their intentions are--to create a brainwashed, stupified, powerless, demoralized populace, all the better to rob them blind and destroy American democracy forevermore, as a potential force against global corporate predators. But have they succeeded? Look at the polls! They have convinced the American people of NOTHING. SEVENTY PERCENT of the American people now oppose their goddamned war--a truly amazing and epochal antiwar majority, up from the significant majority--56%!--who opposed it from the beginning (in Feb. '03). When you look at the issues polls over the last several years (since before the 2004 election), you find huge opposition among the American people to every Bush policy, foreign and domestic, way up in the 60% to 90% range. Their propaganda has FAILED. That is, in fact, WHY they had to devise an election system run on TRADE SECRET, PROPRIETARY programming code, owned and controlled by rightwing Bushite corporations, with virtually no audit/recount controls--and had to fast-track it into place, between 2002 and 2004, under the radar of the American people--with an "Iron Curtain" over all news about this system and its egregious vulnerability to insider rigging.

The American people can be faulted for their lack of vigilance over their election system, but, really, they didn't have a chance against it. Why? Because our own goddamned collusive, corrupt or very frightened DEMOCRATIC Party leaders not only didn't warn people about it, they all voted FOR it, supported it, and FORBADE any talk about is fraudulent results.

But now that the American people ARE finding out about it, mostly by word of mouth (and the internet), an awesome grass roots movement is on the rise to fight it. Very difficult battles are being fought against it all over the country. You don't hear much about them--unless you visit the DU Election Forum--but these activists are among the greatest heroes of our age. Ordinary people, who never thought they would have to do this--devote two or three years of their lives, 24/7, and possibly the rest of their lives, to retrieving our right to vote.

People KNOW something is wrong. They DON'T BELIEVE the crap they see/hear in all the media. Some are mystified as to why our democracy is not working--why it is not correcting itself, why they vote and nothing happens, why, with 70% of the people against the war, a supposed 'Democratic' Congress ESCALATES the war--but more and more, people are realizing that the problem is the riggable machines. Of course it is not the only problem. But it is the one thing we MUST reverse, in order to BEGIN reforming and saving this country.

So I just wanted to speak up for the American people. Will Pitt paints a pretty grim picture of what the corporate news monopolies INTEND. He doesn't stress enough how they have failed. WE are the majority--the peace-minded, justice-minded Americans. It has never been otherwise. It is the only propaganda victory of these fascists, that they have been able to convince so many people that this great, peace-minded, justice-minded, progressive American majority is the minority. It is not true. And they have switched and disappeared our votes--and filled our public airwaves with rightwing assholes--to make it SEEM true.

Dan Rather NAILS the election theft story in "The Trouble with Touchscreens." He reveals things that even I didn't know, and I'm well-versed on the election system. He does not speak to the purpose for which this election theft system was put into place, but what he reveals is the vast corruption of the election theft corporations, going back to the 2000 election, when they DELIBERATELY printed the punchcard ballots for Democratic areas of Florida on inferior paper, so as to PRODUCE "hanging chads." He interviews the employees who were ordered to destroy the evidence. He questions the "trade secret" code. And he shows where ES&S election theft machines are manufactured--in miserable sweatshops in the Philippines, with no quality controls. He exposes this filthy, democracy-killing business for what it is: predatory capitalism gone mad.

Dan Rather, transformed. Kudos and laurel wreaths to him! Whatever he was before, he is not that now. He is a REAL journalist now! And, boy, is he pissed!


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