Sunday, September 16, 2007

Veteran & Peace activist passes

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Dave Cline, Vietnam veteran, GI organizer, and anti-war leader, passed away last night, September 14. Dave will be deeply missed, and was a great inspiration and leader for those of us currently fighting to end the war in Iraq. IVAW wouldn’t be as powerful as we are today if it had not been for Dave’s dedication and mentorship. There couldn’t be a better friend and ally than him when it came to building a GI and veteran movement to end the Iraq war. Dave was a Vietnam veteran, an infantry soldier who was wounded three times and became a key leader in the GI resistance to the Vietnam war. Dave was an active member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and worked in the Oleo Strut, a GI coffeehouse outside of Ft. Hood, TX, where he helped organize active-duty soldiers to end the war.

Many of us at IVAW remember Dave as the president of Veterans For Peace, and got to know him during different marches, rallies, and VFP conventions. Dave stood beside us the day IVAW was founded, and we are sad that he’ll no longer be at our side as we continue in our fight to end the war. He was always there; ready to help his fellow veterans and peace activists. From the very beginning of Iraq Veterans Against the War’s formation, Dave helped us build our organization and never hesitated to give us whatever guidance we needed. He was an integral part of IVAW, and served on our interim board of directors.

Once, when asked about why he became an anti-war organizer, Dave said, "When you just went through an experience of that nature, and you find out that it's all lies and that they're just lying to the American people and your silence means you're a part of keeping that lie going—I couldn't stop. I mean I couldn't be silent." Dave wasn’t silent, and his voice has been an inspiration and motivation for all of us. We’ll keep the fight going and help to honor his life by ending this war and occupation. Long live Dave Cline!

At the time of his passing Dave was living in Jersey City. I first encountered him at an anti-war seminar at Rutgers, Newark. Dave was dedicated to making the world a better place for all and especially working people who get called upon to fight wars that provide nothing other than great profits and benefits to those who promote them.
I will miss Dave, as will the rest of civil society, even though they may have never heard of him. RIP brother Dave

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