Thursday, December 27, 2007

The cold hard truth

*The language is a little rough at times, but we are on the precipice of
Pelosi, YOU NEED TO GO !*
And as you're leaving, take Reid with you!

The side of my head is about to explode. I've been sitting on the
sidelines watching and waiting, waiting and watching for you to do
something–anything-- that resembles a leader, but nothing. I have to do
this, if not just purely cathartic for myself to let off this steam. If
anyone is averse to seeing a heavily laden profane post then hit your
back button now because gosh, heck and golly darn just isn't what I'm
feeling. I'm so angry I only wish I could tell it to your face Pelosi.
And if you don't think so, just call my bluff and invite me. I don't
care where it is, I'll be there.

Just who the fuck do you think you are? Do you think you can hold our
constitution hostage? Did you ever go to civics class? Did you take
notes? Were you awake? Show me in the constitution where it says you
impeach only if you have the votes! Show me where it says that. When any
government figure is suspected of committing high crimes or
misdemeanors, it is the duty of the House to bring impeachment. It's due
process. It's the airing of the evidence for the public. Here, they're
not crimes merely suspected, they're verified by whistle blowers and
those directly in the loop ten ways to Sunday. There is a laundry list
of felony crimes almost too long for anybody to comprehend. The number
of misdemeanors is almost laughable.

Impeachment is not the verdict, it's the fucking TRIAL. It's to find out
if removal is warranted. It allows the investigations into the facts of
what crimes were committed, without a tyrant imperialist cocksucker like
Bush being able to use executive privilege to block the investigations
and subpoenas needed for the facts. It's the ONLY thing that strips away
those protections and bullshit tactics that he has used since he took
office, to stall and prevent any truth whatsoever from coming out.

Every one of those swastika wearing freedom haters in that oval office
mafia, have committed more crimes against the people than possibly all
the previous administrations combined. And you know it! Up to and
including Gonzalez. There's something damn fishy going on when you don't
want those investigations to reveal what the true full blown facts are.

We accomplished what was thought to be impossible and fantasy by
virtually every republican last November when we voted in droves and
brought you the majority in both houses based on your election promises
. Not only a slim majority, but 18 fucking seats in the House!

There was a reason for that. We wanted true blooded Democrats to go in
there to kick ass and take names. We wanted an end to the cut and paste
intelligence trumped up fucking war. And we wanted *INVESTIGATIONS* with
subpoenas and enforcement backing them with capitulations to no one!! To

You came in like a lion for the first 100 hours-- fiery and with a
little passion appearing to give the impression that you really gave a
shit and could be what we voted for. Then you fizzled like a fourth of
July sparkler in a thunderstorm. Ever since those first 100 hours, you
don't have the impact of a wet pussy willow bud on a Tempurpedic.

We gave you a Royal Flush with the election victories and you lead like
all you got in your hand is a pair of fucking deuces. With you as leader
of the House, you can hardly tell the majority from the minority. In
fact the republipricks look more like the majority than we do. They hand
slap you around the room. You couldn't even drive through a bill
requiring the psycho in the oval office to get approval from congress
before he invaded fucking IRAN!! IRAN!!! Iraq wasn't enough for you? You
couldn't confer that reasoning to those you are supposed to lead?

Congress approval is at 11%. And a president not above 25-30% approval
for over two years. Does that register with you? Do you have a metal
plate in your head preventing neurons from firing in your brain? Do you
think 11% means you're doing a good job? Doing the will of the people?

The fact is, you don't give a shit about the wants of the people and
you've shown it repeatedly. You had some nerve to say before we handed
you the fucking gavel of power-- give us the majority and you'll drain
the swamp. You? You're draining the swamp? We're up to our eyeballs in
shit in this swamp because of you. It's the size of the Atlantic. You
haven't brought home a single soldier since you became speaker. You
haven't even /slowed down / the funding. It's a literal runaway train.
Why don't you just open the doors of Fort Knox and he can go in there in
the middle of the night and empty the fucker.

You don't even know how the fucking pump works. You have to put it on
'SUCK' to drain anything. Not on */OFF/*!!

A leader coalesces his or her unit and leads. Hence the root case of the
fucking word. If generals led like you, we'd all be speaking Japanese.
The only house you should be Speaker of is the one you own in San

Your one and only function in that House of Representatives is to carry
out our will-- the will of the people. Hence the fucking name. We have
representative government. Since we can't all be there to speak for
ourselves, you are "elected" to speak for us. Nobody gives a shit what
you think in a vacuum. You are not there to think as a rebel or ignore
what your constituents want. When you speak, */OUR/* words are supposed
to come out.

If only 11% approve, according to base ten math that I learned, that's
eighty nine fucking percent of us that are angry with you and
*/disapprove /*of what you're doing. Are you fucking deaf? What part of
representative government don't you understand? And if you don't think
that's how it works-- that you're supposed to pay attention to the 89%,
then step the fuck away from your $170,000 a year paycheck that we give
you and get a job in the private sector where you can fund your own
goddamn private agenda.

A leader would have gone into every one of those caucuses on these
critical votes with that gavel and slammed it on the table and said,
"Look, I don't give a damn if you call yourself a blue dog, a yellow dog
or a fucking cross between a Persian and a Siamese. We were elected with
a mandate to stop this war, restore American's civil liberties and
investigate this administration inside out for their crimes. In any way
we have to do it!!. Vote your conscience when it comes to naming post
offices. This legislation goes to the very core of what we are as human
beings, and what's right. And by God as Democrats we're going to pass it.

If he vetoes it, we're going to send it back again, and again, and again
until he fucking signs it and gets the message. If you go out there and
vote against these literal watershed event bills that will prevent this
dictator from continuing his jackbooted assault on our democracy against
the will of our constituents, I personally will go out there and
campaign against you myself to prevent you from coming back to this
congress!! That's what a fucking leader would do!.

You can't coalesce votes on anything. The splintered factions just walk
all over you at will. You're just constantly smiling and chortling your
"new direction" bulllshit. While the country's hemorraging with human
and economic treasure losses daily in Iraq. And the loss of faith of the
world in us as morally uncorruptable is becoming a literal worldwide
fucking joke.

You're the guard at the castle door we're trying to get into. If those
who threw the tea in Boston Harbor thought like you, the fourth of July
would be no different than the 3rd of July. We would be still be having
afternoon crumpets and saluting the Union Jack.

How you could dare put your hand lovingly on the shoulder of that
prehensile, war loving, scourge on America motherfucker and cozy up to
him like you were taking a family reunion photo with him, when you
should be doing the investigations through impeachment to put his neck
at the end of a rope in the Netherlands for his war crimes, just speaks
volumes. It shows me all I need to know.

Something is epic proportions fishy here. It stinks like a two day old
carp rotting in the sun. I had you pegged when I wrote
this............... *


And except for the few glimmers of far and few between sputters of
leadership, I was absolutely right way back then.

I personally think you may be up to your neck in the knowledge of war
crimes as defined by the Geneva Convention. Nothing else explains your
steadfast refusal to unveil and prosecute these criminals. Not even for
human torture universally condemned around the world, will you come out
of your coma and call for impeachment hearings. There is no excuse for
your silence if you were in those meetings other than your total
willingness to be complicit . No law on this earth prevents you from
exposing felony war crimes in the United States of America. None! And if
there was, you should have risked jail to violate it. That's what
American patriots before you did. But you don't want any doors opened.
Something is v-e-r-y fishy here.

Here's your legacy... ATTEMPTING TO GIVE A DAMN.......... Make a sign
out of it and put it on your door.

You need to go. SOON. Get the fuck away from anything that has to do
with interpreting and understanding the constitution. You clearly don't
understand it. Unquestionably, you don't understand the oath that you
swore to on the bible either. Unlike a Mr. Robert Wexler who does.

Take your grandma politics and go do grandma shit. Knit sweaters or
booties in the cloak room or something. No leadership skills are
required for that and nobody's life or liberties are at stake. Do
something your soft pedaling is ideal for. FOLLOW a leader. That's what
you're perfect for.

And Reid, you were a boxer? Who the fuck did you fight–women?? You have
less passion than somebody reading tax law to an accountant. You almost
put me to sleep every time you talk. You should be broadcasting Sunday
afternoon golf somewhere, not be leader of the most powerful government
body on earth. All you do is...cave, capitulate, buckle, relent, bend,
concede, compromise, acquiesce, yield, submit, comply, surrender,
kowtow, fold, accede and in general, just give the republipricks
everything they want.

They have invoked filibuster FIFTY NINE times since last November. If
I'm off on that number, it's not off by very much. You couldn't even
rally the Democrats one time to filibuster fucking Alito. Thank you for
that lifelong bastard on the bench. And instead of making them stand at
the podiums and talk until their tongues swelled up to the size of
manatees and they passed out from exhaustion, they don't have to do a
thing. You just hear the word filibuster and you're instant jelly giving
them everything they want. It's a wonder you don't need a steel rod
strapped to your back to hold you up.


We gave you the same power in the unprecedented election to reverse five
fucking seats and make you the leader in your branch. You had the
temerity to bring the Senate to a standstill with rule 21 over phase 2
when you were in the minority because you led us to believe you were fed
up with all the stalling and the coverups. So where the fuck is it now?
You're the honcho in charge now unless I'm on some other planet. You
control the subpoena power--the witness lists now. You can force
depositions. So where the fuck is it? Does somebody have pictures of you
at the Cottontail Ranch in the fantasy room? What are you hiding and
why? Nobody could stop you from getting this report out if you wanted
to. A report that will show all the felonies, obstruction of justice and
outright lies to frame this fucking war with intelligence bullshit that
was exactly contrary to every single thing that was actually true. You
could call for that report to be on the Senate calendar every fucking
day if you wanted to. And force it to be made public. Something is damn
fishy about you here too.

I can't even count the times you appeared in press conferences or on the
Senate floor to give the vague appearance that you were finally taking a
stand as a leader in your chamber. Only to shame yourself when you took
another dump on us. You wouldn't even allow Dodd to put a "hold" on a
fucking bill that would let corporate phone company traitors sell our
cherished right to privacy up the river in exchange for a fucking
government payoff! You wanted to give them blanket immunity for doing
it. Who the hell's side are you on?

If Democratic bills in either body–Senate or House, could be held as
double blind votes, where republicans wouldn't know if it was a
Democratic or republic sponsored bill they were voting on, I'm convinced
beyond a shadow of a doubt they would be all be voting exactly the same
way as Democrats . Because all the vested interests of 99% of everyone
in this country are embodied only in the Democratic proposals of every
one of these bills.

But their sole function is to be dyed in the wool, unibody, crime
covering, anti-democrat anything obstructionists. If the title of
president preceded "Clinton" or "Gore" with these same documented
crimes, they would be literally red faced with perspiration pounding the
drums for impeachment. That's how they always were, are, and will be.

You're so busy fawning over these vermin that you're supposed to be
reversing, calling them–my good friend, my longtime colleague and
friend, our "friends" on the other side of the aisle–if I hear that one
more fucking time, my last gasket is going to blow. Get it through your
heads–every Democrat who has ever said that-- they're NOT your friends.
They're your worst fucking enemy!! They're bought and paid for,
corporate owned, rich protecting, war crazy, criminally complicit,
universally devoid of moral values, obstructionist, diaper wearing,
closet gay, paige fuckers !

They would just as soon load up our eighteen year old kids fresh from
their prom like a load of Friday afternoon garbage and put them in a
military transport leaving for Iraq and drop them off in the killing
fields of Falleujah. For second, third, fourth and even fifth tours!!
Just to keep their treasured fucking Haliburtons and military armament
producing monopolies in tall financial cotton and assure they'd be there
at the back door with their large payola of election ad money come
election time. Banks included.

They didn't even care if our kids had helmets that would give them at
least a 50-50 chance of surviving a head shot. It took Cher. Sonny and
Cher fucking CHER, to start a company that provided the helmets that
would possibly save their lives. Your republican friends found that too
trivial to bother with. If you don't understand that, then read some
newspapers. Get on the internet. If you don't understand 59 filibusters,
even against their own constituents interests, then see a doctor because
you have rectal cranial inversion.

When you do finally get that through your heads and stop playing
election 2008, maybe you will finally start to do what you were hired
for. Otherwise just go scooch on over there on your knees and give them
all blow jobs. Because that's the only thing that's missing.

There is no doubt about it. Both of you need to go. We don't need sheep
in wolves clothing sticking it up our ass when you're supposed to be the
people we depend on to be looking out for us.

It's a good thing our founding fathers can't resurrect from their graves
and grace those hallowed halls that they bestowed with a sacred Bill of
Rights and a Constitution, intended to keep our government–of the
people, by the people and for the people.. Not for lies, coverup of lies
and trashing of our freedoms by an insanely demented fuck who enjoys
invading countries and causing hundreds of thousands of deaths of
innocent civilians around the world.

The intentions that they had for truth, justice and inalienable freedoms
of America were not red or blue, black or white, optional, negotiable or
depending only on whether or not you thought you had the votes. If they
saw what you and Pelosi were allowing to happen, I'd bet their outrage
and furor would rival a 20 point earthquake. And I'd bet a years salary,
the first question they would be asking is, why the fuck aren't we
impeaching */YOU /*?

Do the country a favor and resign your leadership posts. You're both a
disgrace to the title.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Vonnegut speaks

Human beings are chimpanzees who get crazy drunk on power. By saying
that our leaders are power-drunk chimpanzees, am I in danger of wrecking
the morale of our soldiers fighting and dying in the Middle East? Their
morale, like so many bodies, is already shot to pieces. They are being
treated, as I never was, like toys a rich kid got for Christmas.
Cold Turkey <>

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Fat lady is tuning up

The disastrous production of BushCo, a minor opera best known for its collection of ear-grating contradictions and cacophonous lies, is about to end as all operas do.

The Fat Lady will assume center stage, and will belt a tune that can be heard with clarity all the way to the back of the balcony, signaling an end to the nightmarish extravaganza whose aftertaste will be as bitterly remembered as the outlandish price of admission.

After an expenditure of billions of taxpayers’ dollars on sets, props and costumes rather than a script of style and substance, the cast is already rushing to the nearest backstage exit, hoping to escape a more-than-irate audience demanding a refund on their tickets.

In fact, some haven’t even waited for the last curtain call, but have already snuck out into the alley behind the theater, claiming a suddenly-remembered need to quit the bright lights of show-biz in order to spend more time with their families.

But the fact is that in this soon-to-close show, the Fat Lady is none other than Lady Justice, and as emaciated and weak as she has become – having been bound, gagged and tortured backstage during the entire run of the BushCo debacle – she is ready, willing, and more than able to take the stage and regale the world with her finale.

After the frustration of the last seven years, as the crimes of this administration have mounted and become more blatantly obvious with seemingly no end in sight, it is understandable that so many have adopted a never gonna happen attitude when it comes to imagining that these criminals will finally get their just desserts.

But Lady Justice has her fan base and, when all is said and sung, she will not be deterred from – you should pardon the expression – bringing the House down.

We have seen this phenomena before – the concentration camp inmates who never thought they’d see justice done, but who, after years of dashed hopes and no basis for any real anticipation, watched the Nuremberg trials unfold, saw Eichmann twitching in the prisoner’s dock, saw those who had haunted their nightmares, suddenly humiliated and frightened, stand trial at long last.

This will happen. Lady Justice may not be as swift to act as we would hope, and after years of the silence imposed by her captivity, it may take some time for her voice to regain its traditional strength.

But she will sing again and, when she does, there will be no corner of the stage dark enough for the guilty to hide. Slowly but surely, the house lights are being turned up, and the rats are becoming increasingly uneasy about the alleged security of their hidey-holes.

The audience has turned, and they have turned with a vengeance. For some, the turning point came well into the first act; for others, it is the last scene, now in progress, that will prompt them to rush to the ticket office, waving their playbills and demanding to see the show they had been promised, and not the one they had been duped into sitting through, no less paying for.

Shredded documents, missing taxpayer dollars, deleted hard-drives, contradictory statements, claims of executive privilege, secrecy due to alleged national security interests, corruption, escalating debt, cronyism, malfeasance, sex, lies and erased videotapes – and the fact that the country has nothing of value to balance the losses it has sustained due to all of the above – is a scene about to explode on the stage in a display of fireworks bound to dazzle those still left in their seats, not to mention capturing the attention of the so-called MSM critics who hailed this bomb as an unabashed hit since opening night.

So be patient, my fellow opera attendees. The Fat Lady WILL sing, and when she clears her throat and opens her mouth, the whole world will hear the sweetness of her dulcet tones – which will sound all the sweeter after such a long absence from her rightful place on the stage.
By Nance Greggs

If you really believe Jesus died for your sins, why are you acting like he died and left you boss.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

truth to power

I thank Senator Dodd for the opportunity to participate in this debate.
For the Senate's edification: I'm twenty-three years old and a new voter
who isn't going away any time soon.

The United States of America is founded upon the rule of law. Senators
and representatives swear to "support and defend the Constitution of the
United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." According to
the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution—a document for which centuries'
of blood and tears have been shed—"the right of the people to be secure
in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable
searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall
issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and
particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or
things to be seized."

Yet here the Senate stands, poised to grant immunity to
telecommunications companies for profiting from the warrantless and
lawless spying perpetrated upon the law-abiding citizenry; here the
Senate stands, poised to usurp the judiciary, the branch of government
responsible for determining whether the laws of the land have been
broken and meting out punishment where appropriate; and here the Senate
stands, poised to usher in its own irrevelancy—and, worst of all, in
exchange for nothing: no promises that this flagrant lawbreaking will
cease, no testimony to be offered in the course of real and rigorous

"Give me liberty or give me death," said Patrick Henry. "Those who
sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither," said Benjamin Franklin.
Now the telecommunications companies lobby the lot of you, saying, "Give
us immunity, or we'll suffer the consequences of our lawbreaking." Now
the President comes before you, saying, "Give my partners in crime
immunity, or there'll be investigations and findings that taint my legacy."

Never mind the judiciary. Never mind that it's the job of the courts to
ascertain whether any laws have been broken. So Congress rushes in to
save the day! Immunity for profit-driven corporations, amnesty for

I submit to this body that the Founders are rolling in their graves.

Voters could be forgiven for not realizing the Democratic Party won
control of both houses of Congress in the 2006 mid-term elections, for
there's so little evidence of any checks being brought against President
Bush, whose polling to date is both abysmal and deserved. Yet now
Democrats brandish the majority and usher in much of the same: more war,
more lives lost, more of our tax dollars pouring into places I've never
even heard of, and here we've got next to nothing to show for it. I hear
citizens of other countries get something for paying their taxes; I
can't even imagine what that's like.

And what are Americans to think, except that they've been betrayed by
both parties? I congratulate Democrats and Republicans for their
breathtaking cynicism, for how well they've worked together to engender
so much apathy among voters that millions of Americans stay home on
election day. What choices we have!

The legislature abdicates oversight, puts blind faith in the executive,
and extends immunity to lawbreaking telecommunications companies. Are
those companies to be pitied for going along with the President's plan
in direct contravention of the law and raking in cash? Are they, along
with the President, to be congratulated for their foresight, considering
that this warrantless spying upon Americans is reported to have gone on
well before 9/11? (And mind you how well all of that illegal
surveillance served to protect us on that awful day.) Are these
companies to be respected more than voters? Are they to be granted
immunity for lawbreaking, in return for nothing? Congress doesn't even
appear to be interested in leveraging immunity in return for testimony.

What will I tell my children? It's fine to break the law if the
president says so? It's fine to break the law if you can lobby Congress
to grant you immunity? It's fine to break the law if you can stuff cash
into the coffers of senators and representatives? What country is this?
I say again: the Founders are rolling in their graves. For the past
fifteen years, I've watched the news and felt disgust for the whole
sorry lot of you.

You who purport to lead, yet cower like beaten dogs before the
President, as if he were king. You who vote upon legislation you likely
don't even read. You who coif your hair into absurd, unmoving helmets
and whiten your teeth and don designers suits and appear on TV, daring
to tell me you represent my interests. You who pass pointless,
meaningless resolutions condemning commercials and congratulating
professional sports teams for winning while Americans go hungry, while
Americans go without healthcare, while Americans work two jobs to make
ends meet, while Americans die in Iraq and Afghanistan. You who swear an
oath to support and defend the Constitution and flatter yourselves by
conflating your re-election with the interests of your country and
constituency. You who fret about keeping your powder dry until the are
barracks overrun.

You who tell me to live in a constant state of fear, but to keep on
shopping; do keep shopping. How proud my children should be to be born
American! They'll shop in the face of constant fear with fists full of
credit cards. And I'll say to them, "What shall we buy tomorrow,
children?" But, of course, I have my own ideas: our very own Senator,
our very own Representative, our very own President. I should buy the
whole sorry lot of you to be heeded at all.

And so here is the Senate in all its majesty. Where are the Patrick
Henrys, the Benjamin Franklins? God save America from her greatest
enemy: a pack of pathetic, self-serving cowards.

> "We will not walk in fear, one of another. We will not be driven
> into an age of unreason if we dig deep into our history and
> remember we are not descended from fearful men."
> *Edward R. Murrow
> <>*
> /US broadcast journalist & newscaster (1908 - 1965)/