Saturday, February 21, 2009

nice rant

By Nance Greggs
Not for Nuthin’, Michelle Fry, But WTF have YOU been for the Past Eight Years?

According to a story which appeared on today:
“Michelle Fry is a suburban Atlanta homeowner who has seen the value of her modest one-family home drop by more than half in the past year. She now sees a national mortgage bailout plan that appears to reward people who bought more house than they could afford and can't pay their bills. And she has a simple question for President Obama: "Why am I paying for them?"

Well, Michelle, I have a question for you: Where the fuck was your outrage when one George W. Bush, along with his ass-kissin’ party, were insisting that government oversight of anything and everything was detrimental to the nation’s economy (oh, and yeah, that would be the same economy that is in ruins right now, thanks to his policies.)

"We are very frustrated and scared," said Fry, 32, a newly expectant mother who works as a creative director for a public relations firm. Her husband Sam, 38, is a truck driver for a local printing company. Their combined household income is less than $100,000."

Wow, you’re scrapin’ by on less than $100,000 a year? Jesus H. Christ, I feel your pain. No doubt the people who are jobless, homeless, and bankrupt as a direct result of the BushCo Administration are cryin’ over your plight, even as we speak.

"My husband and I always discuss, 'Why do we try to better ourselves, when it seems if you do nothing, you get all the help in the world?'” she said.

Well, you got it, Michelle. All of those people who did nothing to better themselves – like banking officials who looked the other way while offering dream mortgages to people they knew couldn’t afford them – are now wondering where the help is going to come from. Ever try to switch from caviar to Caviar Helper? It’s a bitch.

“Middle class homeowners who worked hard, played by the rules and paid their mortgage bills and taxes on time are wondering out loud whether the government is interested in helping them, too.”

Yeah, exactly. As we all know, every last one of those citizens who were trapped by the fiscal irresponsibility of the past administration are ALL responsible for their own misfortune – kinda like the victims of Katrina in NOLA were ALL responsible for losing everything. Some people just have no sense of personal responsibility. Next thing you know, people responsible for torture will be denying they had anything to do with it – go figure.

“The president”, as reported by FOX-News, who are apparently still unaware that the title has gone back to warranting the use of a capital “P’, “took pains to defend his plan against critics who say it bails out irresponsible buyers who spent more than they could afford.”

"The plan I’m announcing focuses on rescuing families who have played by the rules and acted responsibly," Obama said. (That’s PRESIDENT OBAMA, isn’t it?) "It will not rescue the unscrupulous or irresponsible by throwing good taxpayer money after bad loans. And it will not reward folks who bought homes they knew from the beginning they would never be able to afford."

Whoa there. Am I hearing a capital-P President talking about irresponsible people NOT being rewarded for being irresponsible? That’s hope ‘n’ change I can live with. How about you, Me-Me-Michelle?

To put it bluntly – which, I have been told, is part of my charm – people like you make me retch. You live in fear that someone – anyone – might benefit from a single penny of your tax dollars. You spend restless nights tossing and turning, as you ponder the idea of some fellow citizen being rescued from financial ruin – as opposed to the nights you slept soundly when it was only unscrupulous, multi-million-dollar-a-year bonus-receiving CEOs who were raking in the dough, hand over fist, at the expense of the labourers who generated the profits that allowed for such excess.

Michelle, get a fucking grip already. There are fellow citizens out there who deserve a leg up in today’s disastrous economy – you know, people who are living in their cars and eating out of garbage bins behind fast-food restaurants, because the policies of the past eight years have left them bereft of any other chance at survival.

And try listening to something other than FOX-News – it’s not too late to open your eyes to the truth. You’ll recognize it when you see it – it will involve real people caught up in unreal circumstances, like trusting a fucking bank official when he says, “No, really, this will all work out to your benefit in the end. And don’t bother yourself with the fine print.”

I’m still retching here, Michelle. That’s because I’m living with the fact that people like you never read the fine print – until you think it might cost you a dime or two.

Here’s hoping you and the hubby manage to survive the economic crisis wrought by GWB and his cohorts – because while margarine is never a real substitute for butter, it will do in a pinch ...

… you fuckin' self-centered bitch.


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